Saturday, June 12, 2004

rock the casbah!

...and I promise to never quote that song again, lol. 8D Well today was pretty awesome. I slept in a bit and then woke up feeling like crap for some reason. I was feeling rather sad, I think from my reality-check over from the last couple days. But then I was like, blah, I don't want to be sad, I'm forcing myself to be happy! So I made an effort to be productive and improve my mood and it worked quite nicely. I did a ton of chores I'd been meaning to do. Cleaned my car all up, cleared my trunk out, but my spare tire on straight so it would stop wobbling :), put some new cleats on my golf shoes, cleaned my room, and probably did some other stuff too. So that was really sweet, I got a lot of things done that had been nagging me forever. By then it was about 2:30 and I was wanting to get over to the Fairfax Festival. So I called a ton of people who said they might want to go and then none of them wanted to go now, so I was kinda mad. This tends to be a problem with all my friends...nobody ever wants to plan and commit to anything, its so pointless! I'm a planning person, I need direction in my life, I hate just living on the whim like all my buddies! BLAH! Anyhow, I did get Tony to come with me, so we headed over there. The festival was really sweet. There was a ton of little booths and events and stuff to check out and a whole bunch of carnival rides and such. We watched a dog show which was really funny. Dogs rule. :) Then when wandering around the booths, we happened upon this golf $10,000 shootout contest. It was $5 to enter, so I was like sure. The thing was, you hit a ball into a movie was like a virtual golf course thingy. You get 3 shots and the top 15 people who hit closest to the flag during the day go to the championship round. So I went up there and my first two shots were ok. Then my 3rd was really nice...I hit it 12 feet from the pin and was able to sneak into spot #13. The problem was, this was like 4:30 and the contest went until 9, so I figured in 5 hours there would easily be 2 more people to beat my 12 feet and knock me off. But I couldn't be sure so I keep anxiously checking back every so often, and to my surprise I was still there at 7 when the show started. Pat McGee Band was the main act at the festival, and the main reason I went today. So we went over them and saw them at 7 and got great seats about 6 rows off the stage. The show was excellent! They played a much more classic setlist of songs that I like a lot. I guess they're done touring their new album around so they're going to start playing older things now, so I'm stoked about that. I got some excellent pics too. :) So that ruled and ended about quarter of 9. Then I ran back to the golf tent and found out that I hung on for 15th place and was in the championship!! I was so stoked, hah! Now the deal was, all the contenders get 3 shots again. The closest of the 15 gets free tickets to the PGA Tour event up here in two weeks. Then he also gets one shot at a hole in one for $10,000. So, I finally got up there last. I hit my first ball just perfect, right at the pin and my heart skipped a beat! But then, it hit the ground and stopped short, didn't roll at all! I was like noooooooooo!! Then my other two sucked. But that first one did get me enough for 4th place overall so I didn't feel too bad. It was a lot of fun and I've never been in a contest like that before so it was neat! :) Right after that they did the closing fireworks show which was awesome to see. And then that was about it! Me and Tony had a great time and now I'm completely exhausted in every possible way. :-D
Deep Thought of the Day:
Pat McGee friggin rules and this is the greatest song ever:
greatest song ever
They played it tonight...its real old and I haven't heard it in quite awhile, and I forgot how much I love it. Quality! :-P
They also played this song for the first time in ages. I was stoked for the oldies! 8P

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