Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Wow, this is totally me this morning. I really need to start sleeping at night, or this may become a permanent condition! :-/ :)


Justin said...

This dude also reminds me a lot of what Elizabeth looks like after talking to me for awhile. (maybe she won't see this down here...) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh please. You can't just POST a blog--you have to comment on it yourself! And then you think 'maybe [I] won't see it' just because it's down there.

*head shaking, rolling eyes*

Of course, you were sort of slighting yourself in that comment--though you might not have meant it that way. It's actually pretty vague. That was smart of you, being vague.

I think (if you have any control over this feature) there ought to be some way to see the other comments, not just the actual blog, while you comment. Some other blogs are like that (, click the clickable line about the blog, then see his comments or 'breeze blog,' which is a link from his blogging page.) Very helpful.

Posted by: [duh]

Justin said...

Officially the greatest comment EVER! Lolllllllll...I'm in stitches! 8-P