Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Yepper. Today was cool. :) Work went really decent. About halfway through the day, I had a major mental breakthrough. I was just about to scrap all the code I had done and rethink the problem, but then, I was just like, WHOA! OF COURSE! It was so simple, haha, and I had just overlooked something. So, I made a lot of progress and am now back poised to get this thing done. :) Then after work I came back and spent some time writing up my next speech for class. Now its time to start rehearsing before next Tuesday. :-/ After that, I organized my CDs some more, had dinner, then went out for about an hour walk. The evening was gorgeous out, I think it was even nicer than Monday! I took a back path that goes through the woods that I probably haven't been on in the better part of 5 years or so. It was awesome! There was water back in the creek and the nature was so pretty. It was so cool enjoying God's creation and talking with Him. And it was the nicest sunset I can remember seeing around these parts in a long time. 8D Now I'm going to have some quiet time, then try to get to bed before 11 for the first time in what seems like weeks!
Deep Thought of the Day:
If someday I have a family of my own, I've officially determined that we're not going to have TV. It was so nice this evening and I wanted somebody to walk with, but my family was just watching TV and like "blah, we're tired." Then, while walking around, I didn't see a single person outside, but about 3/4 houses had TVs on and people just sitting around brain-numblingly. Ugh! It's so nice outside, and there's so many better things to do than get fat and brainwashed in front of the TV. Now you may be thinking, "how can you live without TV?" Well, I'll tell you this. I haven't looked at my TV in about 5 weeks, and I haven't sat down and watched more than 20mins of any show in about 6 months. And I've never been happier. So there. I feel like the guy on the outside looking in, in the book "1984", where all the people are being brainwashed by the "motion windows" (TVs) or whatever they were. Or maybe it was the book Brave New World. I dunno, one of those. Bottom line is, TV is officially done as far as I'm concerned. =P

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