Monday, June 21, 2004

and back to the ol grind

:-/ Oh well, it is what it is, I suppose. I think this is going to be the first week all summer that I actually put it a full, legitimate 40 hours. Unless I *randomly* get sick about mid-week. ;-) Well, work today was alright. I've really gotten stuck on the code I'm working on. I've come to the conclusion that the current, broken implementation that I'm trying to rewrite is possibly the worst code I've seen in my life. It is completely convoluted and does NOTHING. Arrghh! It's so frustrating. Hopefully I can get this done by the end of the week though. That's my goal. After work I came back and got all caught up on bills and accounts. I came to the nice discovery that Verizon messed up my cell phone bill AGAIN! Ugh! Somehow, my "free nights, weekends, and in-network calls" plan, became a non-free-any-of-those-things plan. So I exceeded my 400 minutes for the month, but 180 of them were on nights and weekends which should be free. And at 45 cents a pop, the finally tally was not pretty! So this is no good, I sent them a fairly bitter, sarcastic and to-the-point email and demanded they work this out, because this is ludicrous. So far I've liked their service, but their billing and customer support is downright horrendous. So I finally got all that done and had dinner. A bit after 8, me and Kat went out for a nice walk around the neighborhood for the better part of an hour. Tonight has been the most lovely evening I can remember around here for a long time. It's perfect! :) She had been cooped up inside all day so I think she really enjoyed walking around with me and talking about things. It was fun. And that's all, folks!
Deep Thought of the Day:
Started feeling a little blue this morning, but got my spirits up as the day went on. Life is good. :) Also I had a long IM chat with my wiser, better half, Solomon, and he really helped me sort out some things that've been belittling my mind and helped clarify my conclusions from yesterday. I feel much more at peace now about my goals and motivations in life and all is well. God is good. :)

EDIT (10:12pm)

Just got this from Verizon Wireless:

"In review of the account, the service was not on the correct price plan. However, this has been corrected on the wireless account. your current price plan is the America's Choice plan with 400 peak minutes, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited IN-Network calling."

w00t! They actually fixed it the first time, it's a miracle!!! Last time, it took me 4 customer service representatives to get it right. Maybe the bluntness of my email (and threatening a lawsuit) got them on the ball! LOL! :-P

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