Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Saturday

Just thought I'd post a quick blog about today, because it was a good day. A lot was accomplished! I woke up at 6:30 and then worked for 4 hours to finish up a project I needed to get over to the UK. Then, Liz and I went to our neighbors' house who had cut down a bunch of trees and used my car to haul back 4 or 5 trunk loads of wood. We've got a start on our Swiss Wood Stash!

This afternoon, we made Sponge Bob mac & cheese for lunch. :)
After that delightful experience, I did some small projects and then tackled the big shed. I cleaned the whole thing out, threw away a bunch of stuff, and organized a bunch of other stuff. It was great!
Liz started harvesting our basil farm and made a ton of pesto tonight. Angry Pesto, to be exact! Here's some pics:
Basil Farm:

Making Pesto:

Finished Product:

Speaking of growing things, I want to put up some pictures of our great garden, now that its the end of the season.
The Garden:

Lots of Tomatoes!:

Green Peppers!:

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