Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day

Today was interesting, and I felt like blogging again anyhow, so here goes-

1:15 - Left work, bound for Agnor-Hurt elementary
1:25 - Voted; no line, in and out in 3 minutes. :-)
1:35 - Picked up free Starbucks coffee
1:45 - Picked up free Chick Fil A sandwich in the madhouse that is was!
2:00 - Was back home to work on laptop and wait for cable TV man.
*bonus- stoked to have done all of this and gotten from work to home in 45 minutes (normally 18 minute commute without all the stops)
5:00 - Still no sign of cable man. Dark has fallen. Call Comcast. Something has gone wrong...they will contact the local dudes
5:45 - Finished with work.
6:00 - Still waiting. Getting anxious.
6:30 - Call from the local Comcast dudes. Apparently, they're still working and will come out around 7.
7:15 - Local Comcast dude shows up in the dark and pouring rain. Goes out to search for cable hookup point. Returns and says he needs a bucket truck to reach it and will be back in the morning!
7:30 - Throw on the bunny ears to watch the election.
9:00 - Election not going to hot for McCain. Suppose that was predictable.
10:00 - Contemplate how much I hate all the liberal TV networks.
11:00 - Obama wins. Not a big fan.
11:30 - Decide its so late that I might as well watch Obama's speech.
12:10 - Obama FINALLY gives his stupid speech. It was interesting.
12:40 - Suppose I should go to bed

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