Monday, September 18, 2006


Yes, the weekend that we all (or at least some of us) have been waiting for forever is upon us! :-) DMB will be here in their hometown of Charlottesville closing off their tour, and opening up the new arena here on Friday and Saturday nights. It's going to be awesome. Can't wait to have Tim and Tony down here for the weekend and hanging out and grilling up tons of food with them and Jason before the show on Saturday. Excellent weekend ahead!

I'm going to exert my DMB-nerddom and list the top songs that I'd like to hear (or rather that they WILL play or else...). There's some priority order to these, but not too much:

1. JTR - Always wanted to hear this, thought it was done permanently, but its back this year!
2. Dreaming Tree - I've seen Spoon and Pig and would like to round out my favorite of the last 3 songs on BTCS.
3. Minarets - I deserve this. :-P (would be left gasping for air)
4. Seek Up - My favorite Dave tune. Only seen it once and would love to again and again...and again.
5. Proudest Monkey - Glad to see it back this tour and played a lot. Have never seen it and always wanted to.
6. The Last Stop - Pretty excited about seeing it for the first time.
7. Halloween - I'm thinking that we'll see the first Halloween of '06 and the first for me ever!
8. Typical Situation - Only seen this once, and love it.
9. Sleep To Dream Her - Contrary to public opinion, I actually like this song live and would like to hear this rarity for the first time.
10. Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender - I've seen the transistion twice and Bartender like 9 times, but its too powerful to put down. I want more!
11. Blue Water - I'd put this as #1, but the chances are so slim that I'll leave it down here.
12. American Baby Intro - Sounds crazy live and I'd like to see it for the first time.
13. #41 - Its been 3 tours since I've heard this...I'd die if The Flecktones showed up. (they ended their tour yesterday in PA, so they're free...)
14. Lover Lay Down - I love it, but have never seen it. A rarity this tour also.
15. Pay for What You Get - Would be a treat to hear this rarity for the first time.
16. I'll Back You Up - Ditto above.
17. Cortez the Killer - Very small chance, but would be awesome.
18. Exodus - Such a small chance also...I would die happy.
19. Lie In Our Graves - Love it, seen it a few times, but that's okay.
20. Two Step - Seen it like 9 times, but I'm in the mood for another strong one!

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