Thursday, May 04, 2006

What up

Wow, yesterday was the last day of class FOREVER. :-) It feels kind of weird...I don't think its quite sunk in yet what that means.

So, what went on last week?

I guess I left off last Wednesday. I had class and Peep's lunch was pretty fun. Wednesday afternoon I kind of "took off" to have some thinking and praying time which I really needed to sort out my mind a little bit. The last Awana of this spring (and for me ever at Harvest) was at 6:30. I had a lot of fun tonight with the kids. I wish that my attitude had been better all year, because tonight was a lot of fun. :-/ Oh well. Hopefully we can find a nice Awana group of kids to be involved with in Charlottesville. After Awana, Liz and I went over to Squires and grabbed some food from Au Bon Pain as they were closing. You can get stuff cheap/free when they close at night. :) Then we went up stairs for a couple hours and worked on planning the wedding ceremony. Had a fun time with her tonight. :)

Thursday I got up early and met Curt at 8 for breakfast at D2. It was awesome. They have incredible food there, much unlike the old Dietrick. I wished I had found out about it earlier! Oh well. We had a nice time together. Then, I spent a lot of the day working on schoolwork that needed to get done. I skipped both my classes. The weather was lousy and I didn't feel like going out. In the evening, I went over to the Dellinger's at 7 and met with Bob. We chatted for a couple hours about some good heart-to-heart man stuff. I really appreciated the advice he had to give me. Just hope I can remember it all! :) I left there a little before 11 and went over to Liz's to see her for a bit. It was a beautiful night out, so we took a nice walk around for about an hour. I don't think I've enjoyed a night walk with her that much in a long time. :-D

Friday was an extremely busy day, but no so much with school. I went to class, then biked home and Liz met me there. We biked back to campus together in time for the Bike Challenge rally/raffle at noon. That was pretty fun and we got free bike lights. :) Afterwards, we did a lap around the drillfield with like a hundred other bikers and then we biked downtown and grabbed lunch at Burruss Square Tavern. We sat outside in the beautiful day for lunch and it was great. The place is pretty fancy and the food is mighty tasty. We felt rather European. :-P We ate for a couple hours, then looked for Kristin's artwork to no avail, then biked back to my house for ice cream. Finally, we headed back to Liz's house and then drove immediately out to the house of the lady who is going to make our wedding cake. We talked with her and did some preliminary plans for a little while. Then drove over to Gilbert Linkous Elementary at 5 for a kids fashion show. Kara from Awana asked me to come see her, so I did. It was pretty fun and it made my day when she was so excited to see me! :-D After that, we came on back to my house around 6 and just warmed up some pizza because we were too tired to do much else! That was good chill time and then we headed back out again to Harvest for the Mission's Conference speaker at 7:30. His name was Michael Loftis and it went really well. He spoke on the power of prayer and told some amazing stories. It was a good time. That lasted until 9. After that, we went to Liz's for a few minutes before going back out to Macado's around 10 to get a Pop's Sundae and chat for a long time. We had a pretty good talk there about some serious stuff and stayed until a little after midnight. :)

Saturday was another more fun day. I woke up early and had a beautiful bike ride over to Harvest church. I got there at 8 for the men's breakfast for the Mission's Conference. It was really good and I had fun with all the guys there. Mr. Loftis spoke again and it was nice. I got home from all that around 11 and then had a little bit of time to get some organizing/work accomplished. I headed over to Liz's house around 2 and during the afternoon she gave me a much needed haircut in the backyard. We got done with the haircut and then headed off on an adventure to enjoy the beautiful weather around 5. We drove down past Floyd and made our second attempt at going up Buffalo Mountain. This time around was much more successful and fun. It was just beautiful out and it was incredible at the top! :) It got a little cloudy and blocked the sunset somewhat, but it is still just amazing up there. I love it. We chilled together as the sun went down and the stars came out. Had some good talking time and praying time as well. I really enjoyed being up there with her and sharing hearts more. We finally hiked down pretty late and left the mountain entirely around 9:45. We drove into Christiansburg for a quick burger dinner at Burger King around 10:45. :P Then just drove her home and I came on home and passed out.

Sunday was slightly more of a common day. Had Sunday school at 9:45 with Dale Fogg, a missionary that spoke to us. Church service was good with Mr. Loftis. After the service, there was free pizza and a question & answer time with the missionaries. It was fun at first, but then got way too long and I got sick of it. hah! We finally escaped a little before 3:00. I went home to work on my schoolwork and stuff. Liz came over a couple hours later to be with me and it was nice. We worked on the counselling workbook some together and had a makeshift chips/queso dip/popcorn dinner. :P The rest of the evening I just worked on homework.

On Monday, I had class, and then I biked from campus to Liz's house. That was quite a ride! I got there around 11:45 and we had a scrumptous lunch together and had a Bible study on her front porch. The weather was amazing today. :) After the study, we worked on finishing up the counselling workbook for awhile and then we spent some time chillin and talking about the wedding ceremony plans. Around 6, we ran out to grab Kristin and take her to her softball game, then came back and Liz had to go, so I left and rode our workbooks over to the Dellinger's and biked home. I was very tired from that whole trip. Too many hills! Came home and had a small dinner before starting work on my big software engineering project.

Tuesday morning I pretty much just worked on my software engineering project. Then, biked to campus for class and biked back home. I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening working on the project. It was a lot of work! I went to Liz's just after 8 for a nice dinner with her family. Then Liz and I went to the Dellinger's at 9 for our counselling which went well. I got back home around midnight and then spent another couple hours finishing up my project!

I woke up early for class yesterday and felt terrible! I was so exhausted. It was nice to be done with classes forever though. :) After class, we had peeps lunch which consisted of me, Paul, and Liz. We had a decent time. I biked home and spent the afternoon getting my room cleaned and my life back in order a little. I paid rent, went to the bank, and then stocked up on food from Kroger. It's nice to have something to eat again! :-P Then I got home and had to fix some stuff on the Bolling website that had gone haywire. That took some time. I finally made it to Liz's house a little before 6 and we left quickly to go over to the Arthur's house for a cookout. Mrs. Arthur had a few CS students over as thanks for helping out this year with recruiting students and stuff. They had some great food and it was a nice time there. :) We had to leave a little early to book it over to Harvest for the Awana awards ceremony. We hoped to be there for the JV group around 7:15, but we were just a few minutes too late! :( Oh well. We got to hang out afterwards with the kids though and that was fun. When everyone finally left, Liz and I went to Mill Mountain to hang out with some peeps and drink coffee. Later, we went back to Liz's house and just hung out for a bit relaxing and talking. I was really tired, so I went home a little before midnight.

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