Monday, April 24, 2006

blurbs about life

Man, I haven't blogged in awhile. I suppose I should catch up a little bit.

The last time I blogged was Friday the 14th. I had some fun that day. We threw a small party at Liz's house in the evening, grilling burgers and then watching The Princess Bride. Me, Liz, Doug, Laura, Kristin, and Mason were there. It was good times. :)

My parents and Kat came on Saturday to spend Easter weekend with me and Kristin. I did work most of the day, but then got to hang out with them in the evening. Liz came with me and we met my family at Cracker Barrel for dinner which was pretty fun. I'd never been there before; I got the french toast breakfast. mmm. :-D Afterwards, we all went to Squires and played pool for a little while.

Sunday I woke up early and picked up Doug and Liz for the Sunrise service at the Martin's farm at 6:45am. zzz! It was beautiful though and very nice. We had a little pot luck breafast after the service with the church family. My family came to the Easter service back at the church at 11 and it went okay. For lunch, my family and Liz, Doug, and Laura went to West End and had a nice time. Liz's parents were still on vacation in France. I did work the rest of the day and evening.

Last week consisted mostly of a lot of schoolwork and busyness. There were a few highlights:

Monday was class and then a nice Bible study and lunch with Liz at my place. I did work all afternoon and the Liz came back for dinner. I made us some stir-fry shrimp and we had a nice talk after dinner. :-D

Tuesday I had dinner at Liz's with Doug and Laura. Me and Liz had a disagreement which tainted things a bit. :-/ Later, we had a nice premarital counselling session with the Dellingers. I gained a few encouraging insights from that.

Wednesday I had a nice time at Peep's lunch. Liz came and had her mom drop her off on campus hoping that I would give her a ride home. I had rode my bike in. So, we ended up walking all the way back to my house which took just over an hour. It was fun though. I threw us together some hamburger helper for dinner and then we raced off to Awana. I had more fun at Awana than usual. Perhaps it was my outlook.

Thursday there was a big Earth Day festival on the drillfield and I got my bike fixed and tuned up for free. :-D I've still been really enjoying riding to and from campus each day. I met Liz for lunch at 2 after my class. We got some great London broil and potatoes with the best gravy ever at West End. I really had a nice time talking with him about some serious issues and really apprecated his input and advice. It really helped me clear my head a little and I was more encouraged than I had been in weeks. :-) We talked for almost 2 hours and then I went to Deet's to work for a bit. I had a group meeting later at 5. I went to Liz's later and we had a great walk/talk together around sunset. I tried hard to start working on some things I talked out with Curt today. It was good. :)

Friday afternoon, Liz took me out to the Preston Forest neighborhood to teach me how to drive her stick shift car. It was pretty fun, but also aggrivating at times. I need more patience! After about 90 minutes, I was doing pretty well and drove us home. :-) We spent the rest of the afternoon around town and out at the mall shopping for various wedding supplies. It was a decent time. We had pizza at Liz's house and watched about half of the first Star Wars film before I went home.

Saturday I woke up really late and didn't do much. It was rainy today, so we decided to cancel the guys hike (my escape from Liz's bridal shower). It ended up being nice later on so we should've hiked. :-/ Instead, me and a lot of guy friends met at noon for lunch at BW3's and had a nice time. A few of us came back to my place and watched Enemy of the State. :) Everyone left around 4pm and then I did work for a long time. I went over to Liz's for dinner later, went for a nice walk and prayed together, and later looked at all our cool new wedding gifts from the shower. Later on, we ended up talking and having a really good talk about some serious stuff. The time flew and I was there until almost 3am!

Sunday I woke up quite tired and was a little late for Sunday school. Church was good today. Gene Ziesel spoke and was pretty encouraging to me. Good stuff to keep in mind. After church, I went back with Liz to her house and had lunch. Then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there working on schoolwork. We took a small break to throw a ball around and walk around the neighborhood which was nice. Later that evening, after dinner and more work, we ended up having a good talk in her room about some more stuff. It's been nice to talk to her more lately. :)

Today I rode my bike to and from class and then Liz came over for lunch and Bible study. We made pancakes and eggs together which didn't work out so well between us, so we had to work through that which wasn't too fun. :-/ The Bible study went well; we chilled out in the backyard. Liz left around 3 and I spent the afternoon working on my counselling workbook until 6:30. Then I biked back across campus, into town, and over to the Dellinger's house to drop the book off with them. I biked back towards home, but stopped off at the farm over by Foxridge and sat in the field while the sun went down. I got some good pictures and some nice relax/pray/think time in too. :) I got back home around 8:30 and made some dinner. That's been about it.

The rest of this week looks busy with schoolwork. It's almost the end, though! :-D I'm also looking forward to really digging deep and working on some personal issues this week too. It should be interesting. :)

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