Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Week Past

Friday, 17th:
Today went well. I was up around 6:30, had a quiet time and then off to class at 8. Had class until 11 and was glad to be done for the week. :) After class, I drove over to Phoenix and spent some time talking with the guys and sitting with them for lunch in the grill. It was a lot of fun seeing them. I kind of miss working there, it was so chill. :-/ I left them a little after 12:30 and then made my way back to campus and to McBryde. I scarfed down some leftover pizza and then went up to the sixth floor. Around 1:00, I did a practice presentation for Mrs. Arthur. I'm volunteering to help the CS department by giving information sessions about CS to families and high school students who come by. So, this was my practice one and it went pretty well. It took about an hour and then I went back across campus to the career services building. I had my final co-op meeting a little after 2:00, turned all my paperwork in and then got out of there. I'm all finished with co-oping, woohoo! :) Went shopping at Kroger to get in on some good sales and made it back home around 3:30. After all of that, I spent a long time on the phone with Troy Waskey talking about areas out west to visit. He was a huge encouragement and gave me some great ideas and advice for many of the places I want to visit for our honeymoon. :) So, that went great. I spent some time on the phone with Curt as well and also talked to my mom for awhile. So, it was a pretty phone-intensive afternoon, but I got a lot of good ideas and stuff out of it all. :) Around 6:30, I left to go over to Liz's house, but then decided to give her some more down time, so I drove into the country a little ways and stopped on a hill to watch the end of the sunset and pray for awhile. It was very cool and quite encouraging to my soul. :) I got to Liz's a little bit after 7 and spent the evening with her. We ate pizza dinner with her family and some dessert. Then spent some time just talking and doing wedding/honeymoon type plans. It was a nice, chill evening with her. I left around midnight, came home and got on to bed.

Saturday, 18th:
Today was pretty busy and quite boring really. I was about 7:30, had a pretty good morning with a quiet time and good focus time. Around 9:30, I started into the big chunk of my day- programming the client portion of my Internet Programming class project. It was a real pain and not much fun at all, but I got a lot done. :) I pretty much programmed the rest of the morning, stopped for a little lunch, then programmed all afternoon and on into the evening. I periodically stopped to go down and say hi to the Steves who were watching movies and playing games all day in the living room. I finally decided to quit programming around 8. I got a lot accomplished today so that was good. :) Once I quit, I made some dinner and chilled for an hour. Then from like 9 until midnight I worked on honeymoon planning. It went so great. :) I took a lot of Troy's ideas and then started making decisions about hotels and cut some things out and found some other things and everything started coming together just great. God is good, He really helped me out tonight. :) I felt so excited and a lot more peaceful about the new plan that I was making than the old one. I planned out about four or five more days and nights tonight and it was great. I stayed up late emailing with Liz until a little after 1am. Kind of like old times. :P She stayed at home today to get some stuff done and spend time with her family. I got on to bed around 1:30.

Sunday, 19th:
Today was okay. I had a really nice morning. Woke up around 7 and had a good quiet time and felt really focused after some prayer. I was actually excited to go to Sunday school this morning. I picked up Kristin on campus and we got to church at 9:45. I enjoyed Sunday school a lot. The church service was a little boring and hard for me to keep up with. :-/ It was another fun week though with lots of congratulations from everyone about the engagement. Everyone has been so cool. :) After church, I took Kristin back, came home and went out for lunch at Soulvaki's with the Steves. We had a nice time eating and chatting. Got back home a little after 2 and then spent the next five hours working on my theory homework. It was pretty painful and cleared up any good mood that I had been in. Liz came over a bit after 5 to hang out. Then she left for evening church for awhile. When she came back she was really sweet and made some nice dinner for us. I enjoyed a meal with her and then we went back up to my room. I did some more work on the theory and then worked on writing my professionalism paper. Liz worked on wedding planning all evening as usual. My paper took me about two hours and I was done around 11:45. Chatted with Liz a little and she left around 12:15. I got to bed just after that.

Monday, 20th:
Not much today. I was up around 7 and then went to class from 8-11. I got a lot of my theory homework done during my second class. :) After clas, I went over to Owens for my first Peeps lunch there since fall 2004. It felt really weird, like a flashback of sorts. Paul, Will, Doug, Jamie and I were there to eat and we stayed until a little after noon. Then I went over to McBryde and finished up my homework in the hallway on the sixth floor. At 1:00, I got the presentation room ready. I was supposed to have a few families come today who were interested in Computer Science and I was going to do a presentation for them. Mrs. Arthur came up around 1:15 to help out, but still nobody had showed up. She waited with me until 1:30 and still nobody. I stayed a little longer and then at 1:45 a family came. The boy was cool and fun to talk with. They were from Guatemala, so it took some patience to talk with him and his family didn't know any English. I was able to talk to the boy though and help him with some stuff. That didn't take too long and I was done a little after 2. I went off to Food Lion and stocked up on some food and then came on home. I spent some time cleaning up around here a little and then starting on doing laundry. The majority of the rest of the day was spent working on honeymoon plans, specifically for Yosemite. I was trying so hard to find a nice place to stay for a few nights in Yosemite and also some empty camping spots. I think people plan their Yosemite vacations like a year in advance or more, because EVERYTHING is full! It was so annoying. I looked at page after page of places and they were either booked or way too expensive or just plain ugly. :-/ I came up with a few promising leads by 8:00 and then made myself some dinner. Liz came by as I was eating and chilled with me for the evening. She helped me as we looked at Yosemite places and we talked through possibilites and stuff. Then I happened across one cute little cabin close to the park and in the woods which was afordable, private and available for some of our nights. :) We talked it through and decided to go with that. By the end of the night, we had our Yosemite plans for lodging all figured out. :) I'm pretty excited about it. I also worked on my software engineering project a little before Liz left. She spent a lot of time calling people and doing wedding stuff. She left about 11:30 and then I spent an hour finishing up my project before bed.

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