Friday, February 17, 2006

Life and the Like

Friday, 10th:
Decent day. Was up early and at class from 8-11. Then came home for lunch and did work all afternoon on wedding stuff and some schoolwork. I headed over to Liz's house around 6 and hung out with her all evening. We had some pizza with her family for dinner. The evening was spent mostly just wedding and honeymoon planning. There's so much to be done and so many decisions to be made! Hopefully, we can start making decisions and knocking stuff off the list. :) So, not too much exciting today. I came home a little after midnight and went to bed.

Saturday, 11th:
Today went well. I tried to wake up at 7, but looked outside and it was cold and dumping snow. I snuggled back up, turned my alarm off and woke up at 10. It was awesome. :-H Then spent awhile cooking some pancakes for a little brunch. A little after noon, I went over to Liz's house. Ended up having more lunch with her which was fun. Then, the majority of the afternoon I spent with her doing wedding planning and a lot of honeymoon planning. I looked at like 300 bed & breakfast places today. In the middle of all the planning, around 3, we went over to a family a couple miles away. They are selling their grand piano for cheap and wanted us to come over and look at it. So we hung there a bit while Liz played it and we chatted with them for a bit. It was pretty cool, but I'm not sure if we'll get it. Time for some research. We got back and then me, Liz, Laura, and Doug went sledding on the big hill by the Woodbine pond. It was awesome! I had a lot of fun sledding down that huge hill and we did some small snowball fights too. :) We stayed out until it was dark and cold and came back in about 6:30. I think we had some dinner and dessert and spent most of the evening wedding and honeymoon planning. Got some good stuff done. :) I left around midnight or so from her house and came home to rest.

Sunday, 12th:
Okay day today. I got up around 8 and had a pretty good morning. I picked Kristin up and went to church at 11. Sunday school was cancelled today because of the snow. Service was okay and Liz and I were swamped with curious people congratulating us on the engagement which was encouraging. :) After church, I took Kristin home and then did some work at home for a little while. Then I went back over to Liz's for lunch at like 2:30 and we had Kristin over too. It was a very good lunch and a lot of fun to have everyone together. :) We had some dessert too and then lazed around a bit. We decided to go sledding again and Kristin really wanted to go, so that was fun. It was more windy today and really cold, but we had a nice time. One of the neighbors gave us this snow-boogie-board type thing that I FLEW down the slope on my stomach with. It was insanely fun and also a little dangerous/scary. :-P We came back in from that a little after 5. Had some warm hot chocolate. :) After that, I forced myself to finally do some homework. I worked on my theory problems from about 6 until 9 with a little break for some dinner with Liz. I got a bit done and then started work on my paper for professionalism class. That was hard to start on and really boring, but I finally got it done a little bit after midnight. Chatted with Liz some, then finally got home and to bed around 1am.

Monday, 13th:
Today was decent. I was very tired and woke up at 7:30, threw on some clothes and went to class from 8-11. After class, I went over to the library and worked until about 3 to finish up my theory homework. I turned that in and then came on home. It was Steve W's birthday, so I spent some time with the guys chatting for a while and then we decided to go out to Sonic together and get some desserts. I got the chocolate and strawberry malt. :-D It was a lot of fun spending some time with all the roomates and we got back around 5 or so. I spent some time after that working on finalizing the beginning of the honeymoon. I printed out directions to airports and parking and to some hotels. I booked us a sweet log cabin for our first night down in N.C. and then a hotel in San Diego for the next night. I booked a rental car and got directions for how to do all that. So, it was a good start on the plans for that, and I'm pretty excited. :) Liz came over around 8 and we had dinner together. I warmed up a scrumptous lasagna and made some corn. Had a nice time eating with her. Then we spent some time in my room doing wedding planning and talking. She spent some time on the phone calling people, and I took awhile to work on finishing up the software engineering project. Had Oreo time at 10 with everyone, including Jeremy, and then came back up to the room around 10:30. Liz and I read and dicussed chapter 4 in the engagement booklet which was good. She left around 11:30 and then I spent another hour on the project before going on to bed.

Tuesday, 14th:
Valentine's Day! <3 Great day today. I woke up around 7 and had a good quiet time and then started on my morning. I got a little bit of work done, but of course not as much as I had hoped. I went to class at 11. We had Multimedia in the New Media Center today, so we just played around with Photoshop and some audio and video stuff. It was fun, but pointless. Then, had Software Engineering which was painful as always. After class, I came home and had some lunch. Spent the afternoon working mostly on marriage planning stuff from my (the groom's) end. I verified the rest of my groomsmen, started plans for getting tuxes for all of us, looked into rehersal dinner spots, and did some other stuff. Also started on a wedding web page for us. All that took me most of the short afternoon I had and then I went to go pick Liz up at 6:00. We went out for dinner at Tina's pizza downtown. It was good and so nice to hang out with her. We had a nice time talking there and left around 8. Then, went over to Macado's for dessert and of course got the Pop's Sundae Supreme. :-D Had an excellent time talking with her there about some serious marriage stuff. It was a really good heart-to-heart like we haven't had in a long time. I was very encouraged afterwards and really enjoyed our time together tonight. :) In fact, we were the last people in the top floor of Macado's for awhile. I think they were getting annoyed with us, so we finally left around 11. :-P We went back to Liz's house and exchanged gifts which was fun. She gave me a very touching card and a very creative thing of food. It looked like a Chinese food box and it was filled with heart candies, teas, gum, and a hunk of cheese. :-H Very cool. I gave her some nice earrings. So, I left her house just after midnight, got home and went to bed.

Wednesday, 15th:
Today went well. I was up at 6:30, had a good quiet time and then went to class from 8-11. Nothing much there. After class, I drove to Christiansburg and suprised Liz at her work place. We sat in the car for about 30 minutes and she ate her lunch and we chatted a bit. :) I left just after noon and came back home for lunch myself. While I ate, I got into looking at wedding invitations which took longer than I hoped. I found some good ideas. Around 2:00, I finally got disciplined enough to start on my homework. I worked all afternoon on writing an Internet client for my programming course. Had a quick dinner around 6:20 and then went over to Awana at 6:45. It was okay tonight, but a little unexciting. I was in a bad mood most of the time, but had fun at the end which helped. After Awana, I went home and talked to Steve C on the phone for a bit. The worked on some multimedia work for awhile and did a little more work on my client program. We had a delayed Oreo Time due to a milk emergency at 10:20 and that was fun with the guys. Liz came over right at the end of it, around 10:45. We spent some time doing wedding planning in my room and she got all her bridesmaids' dresses ordered. I also started putting together a wedding webpage for us on The Knot and we spent some time together on that. We also talked for awhile after we had some disagreements tonight. Wedding planning brings out the best in both of us. :P She left around 1am and then I went on to bed.

Thursday, 16th:
Had a fun day today. Was up at 7 and had a quiet time. Then spent the morning finishing up co-op program paperwork and doing the final write-ups on the companies I've worked for. I was glad to have all that done. I left and went to class from 11-2. They went pretty well today and I learned some good stuff. After class I came home and had some lunch and made some phone calls. Then went out in the backyard to do some homework in the sun. It was so perfect out today- it had to be about 65 or so and sunny. :-) Very encouraging weather. So, I worked for about two hours on making a project plan for my software engineering group. I was glad to have that all done just before 5:00. Liz made a suprise visit and we took about 45 minutes to take a nice walk around Foxridge and the pond. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. :) We had a really good talk about stuff too. She left just before 6 and then Curt came over and we went out to PKs together. We hung out there until a little after 8:30. Got an awesome chicken wing pizza (and won the toss for it to get it free) and some drinks and had a nice time talking. It was cool to catch up with him a little bit. :) I got home about 8:45 and then went out to Kroger for awhile to get some foodage. Later this evening I spent on some school stuff. Once I couldn't concentrate on schoolwork, I worked for awhile on more honeymoon planning. Got some things done and spent 30 minutes being a goofball with Liz as we emailed each other from like 12:30-1:00 in the morning. :P I got on to bed around 1:15.