Sunday, December 25, 2005

Stuff happening last week!

Thursday, 15th:
Decent day today. The weather was just plain nasty all day. It was snowing when I woke up and then icing and freezing rain and stuff; very slick outside. So, I worked from home all day and it went okay. I had a lot of problems getting my system up and running the way it should, which was really annoying, but I finally did later in the afternoon. I worked until a little after 6 to make up for the time off from my exam yesterday. It felt good to be done with the school semester today! After work, I chilled out for a little and then Liz came over about 7 or so in their truck to pick me up. I went back with her and we had dinner at her place with her family. Then we just sat in her room and chatted and looked at some of her old pictures for awhile. It was very nice and relaxing- exactly what I needed because I was worn out! :) I left around 10:30 and Liz let me drive the truck back with her which was cool. Got home and was in bed around 11.

Friday, 16th:
Today was pretty fun. I was up at 6:30, had a good quiet time and then off to work at 7:45. Work went better today, but still some annoyingness. I got out at 3:45 and then went over to Liz's. We went for a little walk together which was nice and then chilled some. At 5:30 we left with Doug to go out to Fazoli's and meet for a peeps dinner there at 5:45. Had a pretty good time with them. We were there about an hour. Then they all went off to watch the Narnia movie but me and Doug went back and I dropped him off at his house. Then grabbed Laura and took her over to her friend's house for a party. Then I drove around town a couple times just to relax and stuff. Got back to the townhouse eventually and spent some more time just being lazy and chillaxin. Around 9:15 I grabbed Steve and we went over to Matt's house for a LAN party. I had a lot of fun tonight doing that. It was Me, Steve W, Steve C came up, Pete, some girl he knew, Matt D, Matt M, and Doug. We played Quake 3 for awhile which was nuts. It was so loud in that basement! :P Then me and the Steves went out a little after midnight to get pizza and brought that back. We all chilled and ate for awhile and then played more Quake. Around 1:30 people started to leave. We stopped playing Quake, but me, the Steves, Pete and Matt hung out until about 3:30 just talking and joking and being silly. That was probably the funnest thing we did tonight. I had a lot of good laughs with them. :-H We left and then me and the Steves went back to my place and chatted a bunch more. I finally forced myself to sleep around 4:30 in the morning. :-P

Saturday, 17th:
I slept in today for sure. :P Got up around 10:30, showered and stuff and then started making some brunch with the Steves a little after 11. We made some scrambled eggs and pancakes and they were all very good. :) We spent the first couple hours of the afternoon just chillin around my house talking about stuff. It was pretty fun and it was good to catch up with Steve C on life. :) Around 3:00 he left to go back home and then I got on my computer and worked until 5:45 to make up time from graduation yesterday. I got a little bit done but it was still pretty hard tracing the bug I was on. After work, I went over to Liz's house and we ate some leftovers for dinner together. Then we went over to visit Aunt Janis in the retirement home in Christiansburg. We stayed with her about 15 minutes and then went out Christmas shopping at the mall and Wal-Mart. It went okay, but I had a pretty glum attitude and was just feeling down about stuff, so the shopping wasn't quite as fun as we had hoped. We got back from shopping around 10:30, then ate some dessert. Then we started to have a big talk and I had a lot to get off my chest about things that were bothering me today, and a lot of days for that matter. We talked into the early morning hours and worked through some crud. It was a nice talk. :) I finally left a little before 3am and got home and to bed by 3:30.

Sunday, 18th:
Pretty nice day today. I got up a little late again, about 9:45 and then rushed to get ready to leave, but then had a little bit more time than expected. I left with the Pinckney's a little after 11 and we headed down to North Carolina for the Christmas party with Liz's mom's side of the family. It was a pretty good time there. As always, Uncle Raymond made mass amounts of good food for everyone. It felt nice to be included with everyone and I enjoyed chatting with them. :) I think we left a little after 6 and got back to Liz's around 8:30. We didn't do too much after that. Me and Doug watched a couple Get Smart episodes and then Liz and I had a small dinner. I think after that we just spent a little bit of time talking and read a good Psalm together in her room. I think that was about all and I went on home around 11 and got to bed by 11:30.

Monday, 19th:
Today wasn't the best but it was okay. I got up a little late at 6:50, then didn't have much time for a good quiet time. Then to work at 7:45 to 3:45. Work didn't go so well today either. Once I got off, I came home and needed some thinking and praying time really bad. So I went downstairs where it was quiet and spent over an hour thinking/praying/crying about a lot of stuff. It was time well spent though. Then, I was wanting to go out shopping with Liz but she wasn't sure when she'd be ready. So I worked around the house for awhile and then made dinner around 6 and had a good time reading Hebrews 11 until a little after 7. Then Liz still wasn't sure, so that made it hard for me. I finally just got into some projects such as paying my credit card, doing bills for the month, installing more software and fixing my website. I got a lot done tonight so that was good. Liz called around 10 and we decided not to do anything, but we talked on the phone for an hour so that was nice too. :) I got to bed around 11:45 tonight.

Tuesday, 20th:
Today was decent. I worked from 7:45 until 5. The reason I worked late was because Liz met me at work for lunch and we ate for a little over an hour. We ate sandwiches out in her car and had a nice chat. :) So, yeah, I got off work at 5 and then went over to Liz's. We made grilled cheese and tomato/brocolli/cheese soup for us, Doug and Laura for dinner. We ate quick and then left to go over to the Batton's where Rebecca and Summer had put together a graduation party for Liz. I had a really fun time there; we had a lot of great snacks and had a good time playing Outburst. Most of the peeps came out and we had a good time. That party went from 7 until about 10:30. Then I brought Liz back to her house and we spent some more time together chatting and stuff. I left a little before midnight and got to bed a bit after.

Wednesday, 21st:
Okay day today. I went to work from 7:45 until 3:45. Afterwards I went shopping downtown and found a couple of things. Then went over to Target to find something but couldn't find it. I got back home just before 5. Then I went over to Liz's and we made a scrumptous pancake and scrambled egg dinner. :) We had to rush, but we made it over to the church just after 6:30 and was able to go caroling with a bunch of people from Harvest. Liz and I weren't in the best of moods before, but the caroling was really fun and encouraging to both of us. :) we went to four older people's houses, including Janis' at the end. The caroling lasted until almost 9. Then Liz and I did some Christmas shopping for the next two hours at T.J. Maxx, Target, and Barnes & Nobles. It was pretty fun and we got some good stuff. I took Liz home and relaxed and talked with her a little bit more. I think I left around midnight and got home and to sleep around 12:30.

Thursday, 22nd:
Today I went to work and finished up two bug fixes I had been working on all week. :) Got off at 3:45 and then came home for a little bit. I went over to Liz's at 4:45 and we did a nice Bible study for about a half hour. Then she worked on cutting my hair which needed it in a bad way. :) We had dinner with her family just before 7. Afterwards, she put a few finishing touches on my hair. After that, around 8:45 we started watching L.A. Confidential with Liz, Doug, and Laura. Liz and I left early at 10 to go over to Macado's and hang out. It wasn't as fun as a time as I had hoped and we spent most of the time working through issues because of the movie tonight. There was some stuff in the movie that I had forgotten about and I felt bad because I should've been more responsible and selective in what I brought for them to watch. :-( I think we worked through it okay though. We had a great Pop's Sundae Surpreme like we normally do. :) So, it was a decent time and we left there around midnight. I dropped off Liz and then got on to bed around 12:30.

Friday, 23rd:
Not too much today. Got up around 7, and then started work from home at 7:45. Kind of a hard day today because I couldn't get much done. I spent a lot of time compiling and trying to get the thing to compile correctly. I found a couple of bugs, though, so that was good. I was done with work around 3:45. I then realized that I really needed an oil change badly, so I took my car over to Shelor and had them do it. I don't think anyone was working today because it took them over an hour to do it! That's okay though because I didn't have anywhere to be. I got back home around 5:30 and made some pasta for dinner which was good. Then Steve wanted to get some food with me and watch a movie, so around 8 we ordered Chinese from China Inn, brought that back and watched O Brother Where Art Thou. Then watched some Red Green. It was a nice time with him. :) Liz got back from her trip out to Shannon's around 10:45, so I went over to her house at 11 to hang out for a little. Watched the second half of Napoleon Dynamite with her family which is so goofy. Then I just chilled with Liz and chatted until a little after 1am. Got home and to bed about 1:30.

Saturday, 24th:
Today I went back home for the Christmas weekend. I got up around 7, packed up some stuff, had breakfast and got on the road around 8:15. The drive up went pretty well and traffic wasn't bad at all. I got into town just after noon, dropped Shadow off and then went and picked up Tony. We went out to lunch with Scott at Countryside Cafe and had some great pizza. :) It was fun catching up with them. I got back home a little after 2 and then took some Christmas goodies over to the Zuks and talked with Tom and Linda for a bit. Came back home and I vegged out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. I spent some time fixing my picture popups on my website and watched the Redskins game. Around 5, Mike came over and chilled for a little over an hour. That was surprising, but great to see him and catch up a bit. :) After he left, I just chilled some more. Had a good dinner around 8. Afterwards, we watched some old Ozzie and Harriet episodes together which was fun. Around 11, I talked with Liz for about 30 minutes before I went to bed about 11:45.

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