Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hey Out There

Life is going well these days. I'm heading into my last month or so at Phoenix. Finishing up this semester in the next 10 days (I should start studying) and then looking at next semester with a little anxiety. I'll be done soon enough though. :) I'm interviewing with lots of companies and trying to be wise about my future and make good decisions. I just had a cool interview with Sperry Marine and was pretty excited about that potential job. Liz and I are still surviving, some days better than others, but I still love her dearly. December promises to be an interesting month with lots of potential for career choices coming up. Perhaps other choices too; I'll be glad when all this uncertainty dies down a little so I can directionally focus my life better. But, God is good and he knows the best plan for me, so I'm trying my best to just let Him lead me. :-)

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LizC said...

Wouldn't you like to know what that advertisement in Lugano said (meant) that had that girl lying on the dock, holding her cell phone? I would.

My paper is going well. :) God is good to me. :)