Saturday, November 05, 2005

Miami today!

Yeah, I'm stoked about the Miami-VT game tonight, its gonna be nuts! It's already nuts here in Blacksburg; everybody has been partying since like Wednesday. :-P It should be an awesome game.

I still find it funny, however, how people here lack confidence in the Hokies. Whenever we play somebody of high rank, even if we're #3 in the country, everybody is like "oh...I dunno about this game. It's gonna be tough. It's really going to be a big test to see if we're legit." I hear it every year against big teams and I've heard it this year against Georgia Tech, West Virginia and Boston College and we obliterated all of them. I want to hear somebody say "THE HOKIES ARE GOING TO RIP MIAMI A NEW ONE, NO QUESTION!!!!"

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