Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Howdy, Howdy

Well, I guess its that time of the week again to go ahead and catch up on this thing.

Last Wednesday:
Worked, had class during the day. Then after work I got home and then picked up Liz around 6:30. We went out to Kabuki with Tim B and a bunch of his friends for dinner at 7. Dinner was a lot of fun. It's one of those Japanese places where like 12 people sit around the grill and the Japanese guy cooks and does tricks and blows up food, etc. :-P Our cook was really good; from what I could see, I think we got the best one in the place that night. He was a lot of fun, the food was great and it was cool being there. :) It was Tim's last night in Blacksburg, so Liz and I went to his house afterwards, picked up some lamps he didn't want and big him ado. Then went back to Liz's and talked for a little bit. It was a hard talk, but good I suppose...

Work and class, the same ol, same. After work, I went to Liz's house for about an hour or so and chatted and had a cool Bible study. I think we went over Psalm 77. Good stuff. :) At 7, I left to go back home, get some stuff then head over to Curt's place to hang out. We grilled up some cheddar-wursts just before it thunderstormed, then chilled out, grubbed and had some good talks. He got us some cigars which we enjoyed out in his half-made porch area and talked some more. It was nice to hang out with him and catch up some more. I've really appreciated hearing his thoughts about stuff and its been nice trying to be a good friend to him. :) I left his place about 11:45 and then went over to Liz's to surprise her. I called her on her phone and tried to get her to come outside, but I guess I tried too hard because I gave it away, so she wasn't too surprised when she came out. It was cool to see her for a few minutes though and say goodnight. :-D

Work, class, then just a little work. Got off early today which was great. :) After work, I took some alone time at home and then went to Liz's and chilled for a bit. Went with her and met the peeps for dinner. We were supposed to go to Mike's but it was closed, then Pita Pizza was closed and Slouvaki's was too packed, so we ended up at Sycamore Deli which was quiet and very good. Had a nice time with everyone and then me, Liz, Curt, Doug and Robert went to Floyd for live bluegrass which they do every Friday night at the old country store out there. It was definitely a different experience, but very fun. :-P I finally got the guts up during the last two songs and took Liz up with me to the dance floor and we just kinda jigged around like everybody else was doing. It was crazy fun. :) They stopped playing around 11 and we went outside to listen to some other groups in the street and then headed on home later on. Was a fun evening! :)

Today was a nice break from the craziness of the last two weeks. I got up early and had some good time to pray and have a good quiet time. Then got to Liz's at 9 and made some pancakes and eggs for us. :) Around 10:30 we headed out and looked for some late yard sales and then did some shopping around Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Kroger and maybe another place or two. I guess we stopped by Kroger first and then went to Jesse & Ila's place to drop off a gift for a baby shower they were having for someone else. Jesse grabbed me and needed some stuff fixed on his computer, so I got sucked into that and I think we spent almost an hour at their place. It was okay though and I was glad to help. :) We got on with the rest of the stores after that and then got back to my place a little after 3. We just hung out, had a late lunch and chatted for awhile. Then we got into a really good Bible study and discussion based on 2 Corinthians 3 which lasted for over a good hour. It was cool. :) We got back to Liz's house just before 7 and helped them get ready for dinner and then ate with her family. After dinner we all tried to watch the old Around the World in 80 days movie. Most everybody fell asleep and I was in and out and dying, so I just left around 10:15 or something cause I was so exhausted. I got home and was to bed by 11. :)

This was a good day too. I got up around 7:30, had a good quiet time and stuff for awhile and then worked on getting caught up on some accounting and bills stuff for an hour before church. Didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped, but thats okay. Picked up Liz and we went to the 11:00 service. It was decent and then we went back to Liz's and prepped for lunch and then ate with her family. Around 2:45 me, Liz and Laura drove down to North Carolina to visit their grandma, "Mema". We got to Mema's about two hours later and hung out with her for awhile and talked and played Scrabble. It was nice to see her. :) We went out to dinner at a steakhouse-type restraunt and got some really good burgers and sandwiches. :) Mema really enjoyed that a lot. We left Laura with Mema for the week and then Liz and I drove back from about 9:30-11:30 or so. The drive went well and I got to bed just after midnight.

Back to the old grind. Work, school, work. Work really sucked today. I ended up crashing some stuff and everybody was feeling pressured and it was just not a fun day at all. :-/ Plus, I was starting to feel really sick physically. Think I was coming down with something. After work, I went home and finished up work on my bills and finances which was good. Then headed on over to Liz's at like 6:30 or something. Me and her family went out to Backstreets for dinner to celebrate Doug's 19th birthday. That was pretty fun with great pizza. :-D Came back to her house and spent time with Doug opening presents and eating a smashing cake and ice cream. :) It was pretty cool. I was very tired by the end of it all and went home to get to bed just before midnight.

Today was better at work. I fixed my crash and got a lot of things accomplished to make some of my project a lot better. It went pretty fast. After work, I got home and then just got right into some more work. I worked on my homework for my Numerical Methods class from just before 6 until almost 11. It was pretty hard too. :-/ Plus I was feeling really sick all day long, especially tonight. It was a hard day for my brain! Liz came over a little after 10 to say hey and she hung out for a bit and we got to chat a little after I finished my work. It was great having her there to be with me and comfort me and just hang out. :) I really appreciated it. :D She left about 11:45 and then I went to bed around midnight again.

That's all for now...until we meet again...

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