Monday, May 02, 2005

Some Stuff

I'm bored, so I guess I'll type up a little on here.

So, last night was the long-anticipated return of Family Guy. I watched it and it was pretty good, although for some reason I wasn't that into it. I think maybe I got a little offended from the get-go by a few jabs they took at Christianity and that tainted it for me throughout. But there were a few funny parts, too. Hope the next one will be better. I stayed and watched American Dad. I thought it had some funny parts too but the characters came off as rather stupid to me...I don't expect it to last long. I will say I liked the plot of American Dad tonight better than Family Guy. I got a better kick out of it since Liz and I kinda have dealt with issues like that. :-P

As for today, I had a great talk with my Dad today about life, love and everything else under the sun. Best I've ever talked with him, ever. It was about four hours. :) So that was nice and I learned a lot from him. Now, I'm just trying to process it all.

I feel down and out right now. Some other stuff has happened and I'm cornfuseled. I did have a cool time hanging with Tim and Joey this afternoon. We went to King's Buffet for lunch at 2, then shopped at the mall and stuff. I think we're going to go see Hitchhiker's tonight and then grab a drink with the Dub at ol' Sweetwater afterwards. Should be a good night. Cheers.

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