Sunday, May 29, 2005

far behind

Okay, just wanted to highlight the last week and a half of my life with some cool things that happened so I won't forget them.

Friday (the 20th) I made Liz dinner which was really fun. I experimented with just a bunch of incredients and made a pasta casserole with Ritz crackers, mozorella cheese, velveeta cheese, eggs, hot dogs and some spices. It turned out great. :-) After dinner, Steve C came over. He had come to hang out for the weekend. So, me, Liz and the two Steves watched The Fugitve together which was cool.

Saturday, Liz's neighborhood, Woodbine, had their community yard sale. I met Liz around 8am and then we walked around to some sales and found some good things. :) Early that afternoon we went to the Baker's at 2 and watched Jonathan Baker do his high school graduation from home school. Later that evening, around 6:30, we headed back over to the Bakers' with Steve and Steve and cooked out with lots of other peeps. We had a TON of meat and it was awesome! It was good times. Liz and I left about 8:30, then drove to a nice vantage point over my some newer houses to catch the tail end of the sunset. :) Then I dropped Liz off and went back to my townhouse around 9:30 and hung out with the Steves for about three hours. We had a cool time chatting about life and all sorts of good stuff. That was really fun. :)

Sunday started with Sunday school at 9:30 and then church service at 11. After service, Liz and I and the Steves went out to lunch at China Inn which was amazingly good again and cheap! :-) Then Steve C left and Liz and I drove down to the New River at Eggleston and hung out there togehter for awhile. It was a beautiful day out and very nice to chill on the river. :) We came back to Harvest at 6:30 for the farewell dinner for the Moshers and Martins and that was very cool. Then went back to Liz's and got to read a crucial chapter of our marriage book and had a very long and involved, but good talk.

The work week this past week sucked for the most part. Monday was spent finishing some left over tasks from the bug that I thought was done. But I got it all done for sure then. Then, Tuesday-Friday they dumped a new task on my head that is really involved and pretty confusing and difficult. I spent the whole week just trying to get my bearing and figure out how the heck to approach it. :-/

Besides work, Monday I went out after work with Liz and looked around town at some cool houses. We also got to have a good chat together that night about things.

Tuesday Liz and I went to Harvest after my work and met with Pastor Baker for a couple hours and chatted about our relationship. That went really well for the most part. :) I dropped Liz off early in the evening and then spent the rest of it alone, getting caught up on bills and paperwork and the like.

Wednesday after work, I had Liz over for dinner and made some pasta and stuff which was decent. We got to go on a really nice walk afterwards around the Foxridge area and finally got to talk about things more rationally and honestly. It was really good. :) Then watched The Importance of Being Earnest together at my place which was a pretty silly movie. :-P

Thursday, I raced out of work and got on the golf course. I was really excited to play, and I played great! I shot really well the whole round and the day was beautiful and just had a really nice time. :) Liz walked with me on the back nine so it was fun to be with her. After the round, we ate some left over pasta at my place and then met up with the peeps at Macado's at 8:30 and got desserts and such. It was pretty fun. :)

Friday after work I went home and took a couple hours to chill in my backyard and just unwind and think about stuff and ponder over me and Liz and where to go with that. It was really nice time. :) At 6:30 I picked up Liz and we went to Christiansburg for a dancing class at 7. It ended up being really cool. We learned the east coast swing, a waltz and even a little salsa. :P It was pretty tiring too. After the class we went out for our 9-month dating anniversary dinner at El Rodeo for some quality Mexican food. :)

Saturday morning I got a bunch of stuff done early in my room, then got Liz at 8:45 and we went yard-saling for a while. Found a few things and went to Wal-Mart and Kroger together. Spent some of the afternoon at her house just doing work and stuff and then at 5 started preparing for cooking out with her family. We made burgers and stuff and had a nice time with them. We got to see the sunset on a little walk after dinner and then came back and watched Shall We Dance with everyone. It was decent.

Today we had a good Sunday school and then good church service and communion. Had a nice lunch with Liz's family and have spent the afternoon just doing things and talked to my mom on the phone for awhile too. :)

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