Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Wurzburg, Germany

Today was a pretty decent day. I got up at 7, showered, then headed down for breakfast at 7:30. Breakfast took awhile and after it we met at 9 to go on a walking tour of Wurzburg. Dr. Schuetz took us out and showed us around to some cool things. We walked up into the castle on the hill which was really neat to see and its museum had some cool stuff in it. :) Also went inside a huge palace on the other side of town which was also very cool. We got done with the tour around 11:15 and then met with the group again at 11:45 and had lunch at a nice place. It was kinda like a castle inside which was unique and neat. It lasted awhile and we got out of there around 1:45 or so. Then Liz and I did a little shopping about town and had a good talk as we ate this weird chocolate "glob" dessert that had this really good creme inside. I don't know what it was but it was warm, creamy, chocolatey, sorta minty, thick and very tasty. :-D I liked it a lot. We made it back to the hostel about 4:45 and then split up until dinner to have some alone time. I had a nice time getting some thoughts worked out and getting my focus more back on God which was great. :) Dinner was at 6 and was good and then at 7, Liz and I walked up the hill to the castle again and watched the sunset which was most amazing. :-H It was really great and fun to see. Went back to the restraunt where we had lunch around 8:15 and met up with the group. They went there to drink with Dr. Schuetz since this is his last night with us before flying back home tommorow. So we caught the tail end of that which was nice. :) Schuetz is really cool, I'm going to miss him a little. So, that was that. Then the Taylors and Liz and I went for a little walk around the river which was really very pretty. It was a beautiful evening for a nice walk and I enjoyed it a bunch. Got back around 10:15 and played around on my computer a bit. I think I'll go to bed early now.

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