Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mid-Week Update

Guess I should type up a little something. Well, its Wednesday and not much has really been going on here. Just seems like every moment has been spent doing schoolwork and cramming as the semester winds down here. It kinda sucks and I've had a rather lousy attitude about it. That and the other people decided to cancel our trip to Cinque Terra this weekend which I was kinda starting to look forward to. So now I don't know what Liz and I will do this weekend. Probably just hang around here, I dunno. So, I'm not looking forward at all to the last 9 days of the semester here. And I'm experencing this funk of wanting to go home, but getting sentimental about leaving here and wishing I had done more. But, I guess that's life. Well, I guess I have no good news, so I'll stop depressing anybody who reads this and I'll go work some more on my Political Science paper...

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