Saturday, March 05, 2005

Oxford, England

Today was fairly nice for the most part. We spent the whole day in the town of Oxford which is a very nice and pretty place. Started the day at 7 with a shower, then had a nice quiet time in a really cool library in the hostel that we're staying in. Met Liz for breakfast at 8:45 and it was awesome. They had the normal cereal, cheese and ham stuff, but also had sausage, beans, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. was so great! :) We ate with my Aussie dormate, Raoul, who is really cool and fun to talk to. Chilled there for about an hour, then headed out on the town around 10. Oxford is not very big, but its also not extremely small. There are like thirty colleges here that make up Oxford University and there are just tons of college students all over the place. Which is kind of nice in a way because I feel like I fit right in. :) So, we wandered the streets a bit and looked at some fun clothes at one shop and then found our way to Christ's College. It was neat, but we didn't go in. We took a walk on a path that was near the college which was really pretty. It went around this big field and along a stream and through the woods and stuff. It was really gorgeous and relaxing and a fun walk. :) We only found out later that it was called Deadman's Walk...I'm not sure why though and I don't want to know. :P But it was nice and the weather was still not bad out for most of the walk. Near the end it started getting colder and raining a bit and very windy which wasn't much fun. We wandered a bit more and found a neat little snack for lunch called a Cornish Pasty. It was kind of like a calzone in that it was a breadish material with a variety of things stuffed inside and very warm. We got one with Potatoes, steak and onions and it was quite good. :) After that we made our way back to the hostel to warm up, dry out and refuel. Got there a bit after 3 and we had a decent talk in the hallway for awhile. Left to go back out around 5 and we were going to make our way over to the New College to see if we could find a boy's choir performance for later in the evening. On the way there we found the pub called Eagle and Child and dropped in. It is where J.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to drink and chat back in the day and also the first place where Lord of the Rings was read aloud. It was a really small pub and quite a neat atmosphere. And the funny thing was, we ran into Liz's dormmate, Sherry there. So, we sat with her and chatted for a long while and enjoyed a tasty Guiness before heading back out around 6:30. Us three wandered back into town and found a nice place to have dinner called the Nosebag. Liz and I got a lamb and rice dish with a salad and it was really mighty good. :) Rather spicey, but very tasty and we had a good dessert of cheese scone and chocolate carmel pie which were smashing. We left there about 8 and headed towards New College. Found it, but there was no choir performances for tonight, unfortunatley. :( So we wandered Oxford a bit more before getting back to the hostel around 9:30. Then Liz and I went to the library and spent a long time talking about some deep stuff. It was a really great talk and very special. :) Just finished up a bit ago and shall go to sleep now.

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