Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Being sick sucks. Especially when you have to make big decisions and lack the physical energy required to deal with stress. :-( Oh well. Woke up this morning to my roomate, Brian, shaking me awake around 7:45. I tried to stand up but felt horrid and fell back into bed. I felt so sick and nasty and just slept straight through class. Finally got up a little after noon so I could get some lunch. Had lunch, then spent the afternoon stressing about trips and trip-planning and stuff. Italian class dragged on from 2:15-3:30 and then I trip-stressed some more until dinner at 6:15. After dinner, did some more trip stuff and whatnot. Went up with Liz to Pabiana around 9 and worked on homework together then chilled with some other peeps as they partied on. I'm still feeling a little sick and very tired, so I think I'll rest now.

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