Monday, February 07, 2005


Cheerio. Today was decent, but tiring once more. Got up at 7, showered and such, then worked on doing pictures and stuff. Went down for breakfast at 8:30 and it was quality, then raced off with the big group at 9. We traveled around town and saw some churches, then went off to some ancient Roman ruins which were sweet. We saw the area of the Forum, which was the main center of Rome back in the day. :) Then, walked around some gardens/ruins which were really beautiful. It was quite refreshing to see green grass and beautiful trees. After that, we toured over to the Coliseum and got to go inside it. It was really quite something, very huge and still quite spectacular. Would be incredible to see it back when. :P We got out of the Coliseum a little before 1, then the big group split up. Liz and I decided to go off to talk. The morning was fairly rough for both of us- we had some disagreements and misunderstandings that weren't very enjoyable. :-( So, we stopped at a little vendor by the ruins and shared a panini sandwich that was pretty good. We got a nice spot in the grass and sat there and talked and talked and talked. It was really, really great. We worked our way through a lot of issues and figured a lot of stuff out. We were there sitting for almost 3 hours. :D It was an awesome talk and so nice just to relax with her with no place to be and nothing to do but to talk and work out issues. :) After the chat, we left around 4:30 and walked over to a really big plaza area with some cool fountains and stuff. On the way there, we stopped at a small gelateria and got the stinkin best ice cream ever for cheap! It was sweet- it was like a warm creamy cool-whip type stuff instead of frozen ice cream. We got taramisu flavor in a big waffle cone and shared it together, having lots of fun with eating it. :P It was so great. so, we saw the cool plaza, then we made our way back across town to the hotel. We made it just in time for dinner at 7. Dinner was grand and afterwards, Liz and I parted ways for awhile. I chilled in my room for awhile, then went out on my 5th-floor balcony and chilled there for a little over an hour, observing Rome at night, just thinking and letting the sites and sounds and smells of the city sink in. :) Liz came down around 10:40 and we spent some time together talking some more and working through some other stuff, which was good. :) I walked her up to her room and we split ways around 12:20 or so. Now, I'm very tired and need to try to get a little sleep. The Super-Bowl is about to begin, but since we are 6 hours ahead, it makes it really hard to watch! Plus, I don't care two hoots about it, so I'm not going to bother trying to watch. :)

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