Sunday, February 20, 2005

Paris Day 3

Well, today we said goodbye to Paris. :-/ I dragged out of bed painfully at 6:30, hurridly packed, then met Liz at 6:50 and we left to get down to the metro. Took the metro to the train station and didn't have much time there. We really wanted to take a train to a small town in France and then leave later in the day, but there wasn't many trains running and we didn't have much time to plan before our "safety" train was leaving at 7:55. So, we made a snap decision and jumped on that train to go home. We also were able to grab some really good chocolate-filled French sweets at a breakfast place in the station and they were great. :) Anyhow, we got on the train just in time and it was packed, but we found a couple seats. The ride went well, I got a little sleep and rest in general which was great. The train ended around 2pm and we transfered trains in Basel, Switzerland. We had about 45 minutes to burn in between, so we ventured into Basel a little. It seemed to be a pretty nice and laid-back city from what we could see. The weather was just beautiful and pretty warm which was awesome. :) The next train left around 3 and took us straight to Lugano. The ride there was nice too, passing through the snow-covered Alp towns which were beautiful. :) I even got some homework done too, which was great. We got into Lugano at 7 and then were back to the Casa by 8. Had a makeshift dinner of leftovers and fruit which was decent. Then played on the computer and bit and then got up to the Pabiana around 10 and moved back into my room. Then Liz and I chatted about some stuff for awhile which was good and now I'm about to get to bed.

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