Thursday, February 24, 2005

Munich Day 1

Well, today was largely uneventful. Got up at 7, showered, then had a good quiet time before meeting Liz for breakfast at 8:30. Then PolySci class dredged from 9-12 and lunch at 12. Right after lunch, Liz and I left and got on a 1:15 train to head to Munich, Germany for the weekend. The train ride went well, we only made two transfers in Lugano and in Zurich. I got a lot of work done and got to have a nice chat with Liz too. We got into Munich at 10pm and then walked about 15 minutes to our hostel. The place is pretty cool- my room had 8 beds in it and kinda smells and is warm and there's only one bathroom and shower, but its okay. Only $12 a night- I can't complain too much! So, we settled in, then met up with a group of five others from our group who are staying here too and we went and chilled in the kitchen downstairs and Andi made us pasta, which was awesome of her. That was a lot of fun hanging with them for a bit. They all went out to a beer hall around 11:30 and Liz and I decided it would be better to sleep. So, that's what I'm about to do!

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