Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Thinker

Today was crazy. I was so tired this morning, I could hardly get out of bed. Finally did about 7:40 or so, showered, had breakfast with Liz at 8:30, then PolySci class at 9-12. It was rather boring as I struggled in and out of consciousness, but I made it through. Had lunch at 12:15, then spent the afternoon just working on things for awhile. Got quite a bit of stupid things done that I had wanted to do for awhile, then a little after 5, I met with Liz for our first official "date" in quite some time. We decided to go to Italy and find a random restraunt to eat at together. So, we went to Mendrisio, got our Eurail pass vaidated, and now we're free to roam around Europe for the next 3 months at no additional cost. Ah, what power! :) Anyhow, we left Medrisio and went down to Chiasso which is right on the border of Switz and Italy. Then hopped on a train and decided to go to Como, but took the 2nd stop which ended up literally in the middle of nowhere. It was a little different, so we decided to get back on and head back up to the main Como stop. Got off there and walked in to town a bit and eventually found this really nice pizzeria with good prices. We got a ham and mushroom pizza and it was like an oblong oval shape pizza that they brought out on a wooden platter thing. It was really neat and like nothing I've ever seen. Nothing like just dropping down to Italy to eat pizza. I think I'm going to enjoy this! :D So, we chilled there until about 9 and had some good talks, just trying to work out some issue between us. We caught a train back to Chiasso, then from there took a train headed towards Lugano. But, it was an express so it didn't stop and our intermediate stop in Capolago, so we ended up in Lugano and had t o wait an hour for another train towards Chiasso that would stop in Capolago. It was a little nerve-racking, because we thought the trains were about to stop running by that time of night (around 11:30), but God is good and there was a train that took us back. So, the moral of the story is that trains and Europe don't always line up with your schedule, and you could easily get screwed, so either don't travel really late, or plan earlier if you're going to stay out late. We finally got home around like 12:30. It was a really fun experience though and I think we both learned a lot about trains, schedules, Europeans, and speaking Italian. I think we were also able to work out a few issues between us, or at least get them out in the air. It's a process... I think I shall sleep now.

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