Thursday, January 27, 2005


Well, today was a busy day. Got up a little after 7, showered, then packed up my stuff for our weekend trip to northern Switzerland. Went down with Liz around 8:30 for breakfast, and then had PolySci from 9-12. On break, I had a little adventure around Riva trying to find a post office and to buy Liz a phone card there. The post office lady is known to hate Americans, and sure enough, she wasn't very helpful, so that was interesting. After class, Liz and I left right about noon and booked it over to the Capolago train station. Made the train, then went off on the five-hour train ride to Lugano->Lucerne->Interlaken. The ride was really cool. Once we got up into the Alps, it was unreal! The mountains and trees and lakes and mass amounts of snow were just amazing to see. I could hardly believe some of the views; they were more like paintings than real life. :) Anyhow, we got into Interlaken around 6, then found our way to the hostel by 6:30. The hostel was called Balmer's and it's a really neat place. It's almost like being at a camp resort or something. You share rooms with like 8 or 9 other guys in bunks and stuff and the showers are very community so it makes it a very "family" environment. :P In the common areas, they have cool rooms with couches to chill in, a pool table and other things to do and the whole place is just decorated very neatly and homely. Anyhow, so we moved in and then Liz and I ate our bag lunches for dinner and had some really nice talks. :) The rest of the group came in around 8:30 or so. A little later on we all went down to the Balmer's bar area and hung out with the group a little. It smelled like literal crap and sewage and was rather boring, so Liz and I left early as usual. I am pretty stoked about getting to bed early tonight though, although it is a little weird sleeping with 7 other guys I've never met. :P

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