Sunday, January 23, 2005

Learn To Be Still

Ah, today was so so. Kinda depressing since we had to leave Venice. :-/ I was just starting to really get acustomed to it too. Oh well, hopefully I'll have to free time to get back there and explore later. :) So, I got up at 7:15 and was quite tired, but was able to shower and whatnot in quick time, then met Liz around 7:40 and we went out together to catch the sunrise. It was kinda cloudy out, but the sun peaked through just enough and was extrodinary for a few minutes so we could snap lots of pictures. :D Then, it clouded up some more and got really cold. We had breakfast together, then packed up all our stuff and then did a nice Bible Study in 1 John together for about 20 minutes or so. That was cool, then at 9:45, we went off with Bryan and The Taylors to the massive church, Basillica de San Marco, that we had toured about in yesterday. We thought the service was at 10, but it ended up being at 10:30. It was a Catholic mass service pretty much all in Italian. I didn't much care for it; it was really weird and in general I just don't agree with all the Catholic customs for doing things, but whatever. The choir music was pretty cool, if not haunting, as it echoed all around the massive church. :P After church, we had to haul back to the hotel because the group was leaving at 11:45 to get on the boat back to where our bus was. We made it to the boat and bus and then sadly left for home. :( The bus ride went well, I was able to nap and also to get some schoolwork done. We stopped and were able to get a pizza at a place called Autogrill. It's like the McDonald's of Italy it seems. All over the interstates, they have these Autogrills that pop up like every 10 miles. They're ridiculous can get like fast food, or eat in a resteraunt, or buy groceries, or buy books or movies or buy other stuff too. It's craziness. :P So, the ride went well and we got back to Riva a little after 4. I then spent some time unpacking and organizing stuff in my room, then worked on some stuff on my computer for awhile and had dinner at 7. At, I went back up to my room and finished organizing stuff. I finally got all my papers and books and finances and stuff sorted out, so now I feel like I'm finally moved in and have a congruent room where I know what's going on. I felt so disjointed before doing this, so I'm happy I got it all done. :) It took a lot longer than I thought it would though...oh well. I got to talk to Liz a little tonight just a bit ago about some stuff. I've been pretty angry about things because of trying to plan this trip to Interlaken and Lucerne for next weekend. Everybody here can't seem to figure out what they want to do and they keep switching plans. It's really peeved me off. Well, whatever, I should probably get some rest.

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