Friday, December 24, 2004

What Ya Got

Cheerio. Today was allright I guess. Got up at 8 and had breakfast, then tried to connect to the Internet on our super-crappy dial-up connection here, but alas, I couldn't. Wasted about an hour trying to connect and finally just got fed up with the thing and in anger I went back to bed. I was entirely lazy and slept from like 9:30 until a little before 1 in the afternoon. Then I had a small quiet time and then decided that I should try and do something. I worked on reading up a little on some Europe info and then eventually I fell asleep again. I slept from like 3:15-4:30, then finally woke up and decided to put and end to my slothdom. I decided to start working on redesigning my blog and getting it set up to work with the rest of my site. So, I worked on that from like 4:30 until about 8:30 or so and got quite a bit done (as you all can see). :) I think I like it pretty well for now. It may eventually get tweaked a bit, I haven't fully decided yet. :) After that, I had pizza and watched a quick oldies movie with the fam. Around 10, I called Liz and we chatted for over an hour about life and such. It was nice, but got pretty cold, since I was outside trying desperatly to get reception on my cell phone. I'm still working on reviving my toes. :P After I got in from that, I played with Shadow and kept her happy for a little while. I love my kitty! :D Well, not much more to do...guess I should sleep now!

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