Wednesday, November 10, 2004


mmm today was nice. Got up early, had breakfast and quiet time, but then was so exhausted. I spent most of the morning in and out of sleep and got absolutely nothing productive done. Rode off with Steve to class at 10:10 and just dozed through that. Then did my project demo at 11 and it went great and got 100 on it! :-D After that, went to Squires to do work, but ended up napping. Went to Stats class at 12:20 and was more of the same. Just so tired and nodding off. Then went over to Hancock to do homework and wait for Liz. I managed to stay awake for about 2 hours to get my Stats homework all done. Then I napped again for about 30 minutes before Liz got out of work at 3:30. We chatted a bit, then went to Italian class. I was sleepy again, but drew pictures to stay awake, lol. After class, we went to Owens and ate dinner together which was cool, then went off to Awana at 6:30. Had a great time at Awana again with the kids. :) Afterwards, went out to Mill Mountain for the first time in awhile and got some chai. :H :H Good stuff. We left there at 9:30, then I came back here and learned good news that Chris's dad can get me a good starter for dirt cheap, plus install it for 1/2 price labor when he comes down on Friday. :):):) God is good. I just hope that it IS the starter that's gone bad. I think so, though, because everybody I've talked to says so. Anyhow, I'm really bored and don't want to start any big things this late, so I may drop into bed early again. :D

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