Monday, August 30, 2004


...great Pink Floyd song. Also what I should be counting right now, but I'm not. Well, to sum up today in one word, it would be, "blah". Spent the early morning doing some accounting, bills and paperwork, then raced off to class. McQuain's class was acutally interesting today and I liked it. Then I spent my hour under my thinking tree on the drillfield and figured a lot of things out in my mind and got them on paper. So I guess that was good. :) Then I went off to Stats and it went okay. We actually kinda did work today, so that was a bummer, haha! After that class I went to the Duck Pond to have lunch with Liz and Rebecca. It was so pretty out, but we only got to stay for like 20 minutes or so, so that was kinda a bummer. After that, I went out and ran a couple errands. Then took my car over to get a transmission fluid replacement since mine was empty and killing my transmission. :-/ So that was a great time and then I went searching for my geology lab book. I went to all three bookstores and all three of them told me to go in one of the others. So I spent about an hour trying to track down this stupid book and finally just went back on campus and was heated and demanded to speak to somebody competent, and they finally found it for me. It was ridiculous. :( Once that debacle was over, I had just enough time to come home for a quick dinner and then run off to our first softball game at 5:45. Well, the game sucked. We got beat to a pulp, 15-0. They called it on account of the slaughter rule in the 5th inning. We only had 2 hits as a team the whole game. I had the first one, breaking up the no-hitter in the 4th inning. So I guess that was good, my batting average is .500. :-P But, for the most part that was a real bummer. We didn't even get to play near to our full hour, they beat us so bad and so fast. :( So then I came back here in time to do more annoying things. All evening I've been doing laundry, paperwork for various things, putting a new version of Linux on my computer, and just generally not being happy. Get to fold some more clothes now and wait for this Linux to finish up before I get my five hours of sleep tonight. Whoopidy doo...

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Ugh. I feel so I'm digging a rut for my mental-self quickly. I need to get out of it now.

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