Thursday, August 26, 2004

Queen Jane Approximately

Some old school Bob Dylan for tonight's blog. :) Mkay, recap from today. It was a good day. Got up early this morning and just about killed myself. Tried to walk downstairs with my glasses off, completely missed the first step, ended up falling flat on my back and sliding step by step down to the bottom, where I lay in a crumpled, painful mess. :-/ It hurt so incredibly bad and I woke up everyone. But now I look back and it was quite hilarious. :P So, for most of the morning I did my HCI homework at the last minute and got that all done. Then headed over to the school a bit after 9:30. Couldn't find a stinking parking place anywhere, so ended up parking in the Cage and walking 25 minutes to the library. :-/ It was a nice, pretty walk though. :) Got to the library around 10:30 and had a few minutes to delve into Romans 2 before I was rudely interuppted by Liz at quarter of. ;) Then had Geology class at 11 and that was okay. He bored up for about 15 minutes, then we watched a cool Imax film about the Earth and space for the last hour of class. It was quite neat, and a fun reminder of how awesome God's creation is and just how little we really know about it and are unable to tame it. :) Then after class Liz and I had lunch outside Burger King and had a fun talk. Then I walked with her over to her work and was serenaded with complements of my extreme hotness by a 50 year old coworker of hers. It was awesome, I think I'm going to get hooked. Old ladies rule. =P Then I went and wasted 40 minutes lying under a tree on the drillfield. It's so beautiful, and I think its my new favorite hobby! hehe. Then I had to drag myself up and run off to my HCI class at 2. It was actually rather boring today. It seemed to go on forever. I did find some good groupmates for our semester project though, so that was awesome. They seem really cool guys, so I'm stoked. Was another great answer to prayer cause I prayed a bunch on the drillfield about finding a good group. I was real concerned I'd get stuck with losers since most people had already grouped up on Tuesday. So this is great. :) Then after that class, came home and the Adelphia guy came over and fixed our cable hopefully. So that rocked. Then I got an email from my lab teacher that said I need to make up the Geo lab at 5:30. So that was a bummer and I was there from 5:30-7:20. It took forever! I don't think 2 hours has ever lasted that long before in history. :-/ Once that was done, came back, set up the surround sound in the basement for Saturday and then went with Liz to Cru at 9. I enjoyed that a lot, it was some good worship and some really funny stuff too. I got some good kicks out of it and it just felt great to laugh and to sing worship to God too. My heart had been getting weary under the weight of the day, but Cru really finished it off well tonight. :) Then just got back here, threw some more spaghetti in the microwave and shall hit the sack soon. :)

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