Monday, August 16, 2004


Oh man, my neck is killing me this morning. Got up around 10:30 and feel so stiff. I think it was Shadow. I was gone like all day yesterday so she was sad and insisted on sleeping on me all night which probably made me stiffer to support her. Hehe. Well, yesterday was real coolio. I was really energetic all morning and wanting to go outside and play, haha. I had bundled up energy from Saturday to use. So, I just wasn't in the mood to go to church, but I wanted to see the new building so I skipped sunday school and went to church instead. Then came home and spent some good time reading over Philippeans 4 (must document this not to forget it!). It's quality. Then I called up the Liz and they were nice and had me over for lunch and stuff and that was quite fun. :) Then me, Laura and Liz went out to ride their horse Kody. I hadn't been on a horse since I was like 7 so that was awesome. Riding was quite the experience...I think next time I'll where a cup, lol. But it was fun and me and E got to chat a bit and hike while Laura rode and that was cool. Then we went over to church again for the prayer meeting which was nice. After that, a lot of people headed over to the drive-in movie place in Christiansburg to watch The Village. I've been meaning to go there for a long time now because I've never seen a drive-in, so I went over with everyone and it was shweet. The movie was very weird and didn't make much sense, especially since I couldn't hear the first half of it. :-P It was also pretty chilly but my hood was nice and toasty. :) So that was a good experience and then I took Liz home around 11. I kinda hinted at maybe taking a walk and it turned into a 2+ hour long convo/walk. Man, it was such a great convo, we really worked some stuff out about everything. :) So that was awesome, I left around 1:30am and went home and crashed. :P

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