Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dammit All

Okay, wow, this just topped off my crappy day today. Steve W. called just a bit ago and apparently has been put on academic suspension so he won't be living with us this coming semester. I guess he's taking classes at Penn State and his parents put him into a psyco-therapy thing to figure out why he keeps failing stuff. He found out weeks ago but has been afraid to tell me because we had everything all worked out. So now I'm so pissed because he's waited until like a week and a half before school starts to tell me this, and now everybody already has a place to live and GAAA!!! He says he'll pay rent and bills but I don't feel right making him pay to not live there. So now I get to stress and try to find someone else. And not only am I pissed, but I am extremely saddened too. I was really looking forward to finally living with him and spending some quality time with him. He's been one of my best buds at Tech and now he's gone for this semester and possibly forever. So this totally sucks and I'm just seething inside, arrghhhh!!!!! Could anything else go wrong please?! Seems like everything I'm doing in life and every relationship I have is falling apart right before my eyes. Life is grand.

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