Saturday, August 28, 2004


Mkay, wow, I'm tired! I should sleep more, but I can't, therefore I guess I'll blog about yesterday/this morning. Well, it was a great one. Got up yesterday, and finished my CS homework assignment. Then went to the school around 9 and went to the library for some quiet time. I got some really good reading and reflection in Phillipeans 3 done and that started my day off well. Then, went to OS class and that was uneventful. After that, I went and sat on the drillfield in the beautiful weather. Ate lunch, and did a little reading, thinking and praying. It was cool, plus I got to chat with Robert for awhile. Then I went to my Stats class which was hilarious again. This teacher is just ridiculous and Steve and I have begun to compile a list of quotes from him. :) Essentially today, he told all of us that class is now optional with no pop quizzes and attendance and he really doesn't feel like being there, lol. So after class I went and bought a weedwacker at Sears, came back, set it all up and stuff, then right as I got ready to go outside, there was a massive thunderstorm. :( An hour later, I got out there but it was still so wet out. So that made for really interesting and messy weedwacking! But now the backyard is clear for the party tonight. :) Once I was all done with that, I conked out on the couch and watched some golf for like an hour. Then, went off to the church dedication banquet at 6:30. This was really cool, it was a huge, very good, dinner and then a fun time of praise and listening to John Morris talk and stuff. So that was coolness. Once that had all ended, I came home, then promptly went back out. I met up at Wendy's with Liz and a missionary couple, the Bruce's, a little after 10. This was really cool. We chatted for awhile and it was just really interesting to hear about possibilites in the missions field, even for computer heads. So who knows what the future holds for me, but it was just neat to open my eyes a little and give me other options in life. :) Then for the main event. Liz and I had talked of talking deeply tonight about things, but it was getting late and stuff. But then I guess we just decided to do it anyhow, so we went back to her place and chatted on her porch. And man, that was a really strong, but awesome convo, hehe. I guess, essentially what has happened, is after 19 months of super-friends we finally decided to officially become a couple and stuff. :H So this is really cool! I feel so excited about the possibilities and where we can go from here, but at the same time a little anxious about my responsibilities and also humbled by the fact that she's willing to date me. But this is great. :D So, that convo was forever, I left there a bit before 2am. Then came back and typed her up a list of books to sell at the seminar today. That wasn't too hard, but I got to bed around 3am. Woke up this morning about 7, without my alarm, but then coulnd't get back to sleep. I'm just so awake and my mind is racing a million times a minute with thoughts and ideas from all that Liz and I talked about last night and what it all means now. So, I got about 4 hours of good sleep today, have 6 hours of seminar to listen to, then 2 hours of fair to volunteer at, and then a msssive party to coodinate at 6 tonight. Just hope I can stay alive! :P

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