Monday, July 12, 2004

wow. :)

Wow, so yeah, I'm back on a computer now. I think I may have set another new record...its been like 30 something hours since my last time online, hehe. Well, going back to yesterday's events, it was awesome! Started the day off right at church and heard a really sweet sermon about Jonah. It was cool. Then I chilled out and did some reading and stuff and then it was off to the DMB show! Left with Tony at about 2:30 and then we had to get some cookout supplies, plus traffic was terrible getting into Nissan Pavilion so it took us almost 2 hours. :-/ Then we met up with Tim McKay and a bunch of other cool peeps from and we had a massive tailgate/cookout. It was a ton of fun and good times. Only bad part was the 100 degree heat, but we made do. :) Then around 7 we headed over to the pavilion and went down to our seats. They were AWESOME! I literally had the best seat in the house. Front row and Dave's microphone line was splitting my forehead, so I was like dead center. I turned around and looked at the other 29,999 lowly people who didn't have my seat and was like...yeah...MONEY. :-D :-D So, we watched the opening band Galatic play for a bit and they were cool. Then DMB came out at like 8:20 and we all went nuts. It was so sweet!! Ok time for concert review:

Opened the show with Everyday...slightly dissapointing but at least they picked a good song off of that album and they played a really cool version of it. Dave got the crowd really singing and into it and that helped set the mood. So Much To Say-->ASTB-->Too Much was simply classic! I think it was the first time they've segued those songs this tour and it was sweet! Great versions of them, Dave was dancing and Boyd was going nuts and everyone was loving it. Then Sugar Will. New song, really mellow and calmed the crowd out a lot. They really extended the end on it too and Roi did a nice long, soothing solo at the end. Then played When The World Ends. Possibly the lowest point of the evening...I'm sick of that song and I think the rest of the world is too. Then, Best of What's Around!! YESS!!! After getting killed by WTWE, they broke out BOWA and I freaked! I've grown to love this song so much, especially this year. It was so beautiful and they just jammed it out. I was loving it. High point of the evening for me. Then they plaeyed One Sweet World which I love too. Another classic song and they did it perfectly. Then Joy Ride, another new song. The band was really into this one and played it great, it was real intense and got the blood pumping. Then they mellowed everyone out with an AMAZING version of Bartender. It was so sweet and just gave me chills when Dave went nuts on the vocals in the middle right in front of me. Roi's outro solo was beautiful as always. Then they played another new song, Hello Again which was also intense and edgy, but Carter had the coolest drum solo in the middle of it. After that they played Fool To Think which was allright. Kind of a downer, but probably the best song off of Everyday. Then another big suprise tonight, they played Drive In Drive Out and just jammed it out so tightly. That ruled. Then they played another suprisingly old song, Help Myself. I'm not a huge fan, but it was cool, regardless. Then Jimi Thing!! I was SO stoked to hear this tonight because they've been playing a ridiculous version of it this tour. Tonight was pretty good but I was a little dissapointed with Dave's scat outro. The song jammed just ridiculously then Dave was getting ready to do his scat. He did it and it was real long and cool, but it was real mellow. He didn't really go nuts like in past shows. I think he was about to but Carter cut him off, cause Dave like threw his hands up like, "what?" I guess he was taking too long. The song was like already 20 minutes as was, lol. :) Then they played their last new song Crazy Easy and it was cool to hear. And then they closed the set with an AMAZING Two Step. Only the 2nd time they've played it this tour and it was off the hook. Carter had the coolest drum solo I've ever heard and they were just jamming it out like nothing I've seen. Then for the encore. BEST encore I've ever seen. They played a ridiculous version of Crush to open it and then segued into Ants Marching and just blew the roof off the place. I've never seen DMB jam so hard on a song as they did on Ants last night. It was phenominal. Whew!!! So, overall I rank the energy of the show as the best I've ever seen without a doubt. They played so hard and so well it was amazing. The setlist was the 2nd best I've seen, only to Hershey last year. But I loved it. And having the best seat in the house was an amazing experience. I made eye contact many times with everyone in the band except for Carter, because he was behind his 40 piece drumset. It was so cool. And just seeing the expressions the guys make and the sweat dripping from Dave all over his guitar and when he broke strings and stuff. Just those little details were so sweet to see and just made them all the more real to me. They ARE real people, lol! You don't really get that when you're way the heck in the back of a stadium somewhere. So, it was an amazing experience. :P Oh yeah, and then at the very end of the show, Dave threw his guitar pick at me. It bounced off my hand and then dropped down into a storm drain that was sealed shut!! I was SO mad!!! arrrghhh. Then, they were clearing the stage and a roadie crumpled up some paper and threw it at us. I was like "dude, what gives, why are they littering?" So I left it, then like a minute later, Tony went over and picked it up, uncrumpled it, and it was Dave's setlist! I was pissed again!! 0 for 2!! So Tony got the setlist, and I'm emptyhanded. Oh well, I have lots of memories! :D

After the show, the Nissan traffic is terrible and usually takes a couple hours to get out, so we decided instead to have a post-show tailgate. So we chilled with the same guys and grilled steaks and stuff and had a great time. :) Show ended about 11:20 and the parking lot was clearing at about 1:15am so we left around then. Got home a bit after 2am. I don't think I've ever been happier to see my bed!! I just passed out and didn't get up until 10:45 this morning, haha. Then got to work at about 11:45 and went straight to lunch break, lol :)

I've been fairly useless today, not much to do here. Just getting stuff done on the net and writing this massive blog. This took a LONG time. :P

And, in commemoration of this awesome Dave show kicking off my week, I'm going to post a DMB song that defines my day for every day this week. I started with BOWA below. :D

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