Saturday, July 17, 2004

short and sweet

:) I'm so tired and I've been writing marathon posts this week, so I think I'll keep this once simple. I could expound, but I won't. The day went great today. I got up early and took my car over to Duncan at 8:30 and got it all tuned up nicely and stuff. Then I went on my errands trip. I went to Townside and took care of housing stuff, I went to Adelphia, the Blacksburg building, the electric place and the bank. Then I went and took my resume over to Phoenix Integration and dropped it off. It was cool going in there, it looked like a nice place to work. :) There were actually windows and *gasp!* sunlight!!! I can't imagine! So that was neat. Then at like 1:30 I was to have lunch with Elizabeth and Rebecca but then it morphed into almost a full-fledged peeps lunch when Jamie and Robert happened by and that was coolness. After lunch I was bored and nobody wanted to do anything, but I couldn't let the great weather pass me by. So I went over and played some more golf. The front 9 I played really well. I was feeling really good and playing fast and shot a 41. Then on the back 9 I played some of the best golf I've ever played. I just got zoned in and shot even par 36!! It was amazing! I should've actually shot one under 35, but I missed an easy birdie putt on 18 just barely. :( But man, I was just feeling great out there and shot a 77 overall, like one of my best rounds ever. :-P So golf went from 3-6:20, then I ran over to Steve C.'s house for dinner. He invited me over for a self-cooked meal which was great. I had a lot of fun there and a lot of food. Then I ran over to Elizabeth's at 7:15 to pick her up for Oasis. And it was hilarious, cause her family was eating dinner and then they like insisted I eat a burger and I was tempted so I sat and ate more food and it was so funny and cool. They're good people. :) Then on an uber-full stomach me and E rolled over to the Oasis meeting. It was really sweet, a lot of people came out and our guys group had some great convos about stuff. It was good times, fellowship and good learning. :) Then after that, me and Liz went back to her place then walked around the neighborhood a bit and talked over life and such. And the stars were awesome out, they were so neat! :) But it was a fun convo and ended off my day nicely. Now I'm tapping out for the night!

The DMB song for today I chose was #41. Once again, I don't relate to the lyrics, and actually, now that I look at them, I really don't know what the heck they mean at all. But it's a happy song and I'm happy again, so there. :)

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