Thursday, July 15, 2004

recapping, etc

*yawn* Mmm...good morning. I'm tired. Well, looking back on yesterday, it was a quality day. Work went not too bad. I had nothing to do again all day, but I was able to get my resume done and a nice cover letter written and some other things too. And the best thing was, I improved my attitude a lot since Tuesday. Once I realized my deep thoughts on Tuesday it helped me to be more aware and at peace, and I prayed a lot. And it was cool, because we actually had some semi-decent convos at lunch that I felt like participating in. So, yay! :) Then after work, I left around 3:45 to pick Tim and Tony up in Tysons and then head up to Merriweather Post Pavilion for the DMB show. To pick them up and drive the Beltway up through Maryland and get there took 2 hours, 45 minutes!!! Normally, it shouldn't take any more than 45 minutes. It was the WORST! So I was at my wit's end by the time we finally got to Merriweather. Luckily we found a good spot where we could get out quick from after the show. So, we had dinner and then watched the show at 8. Review:

Opened up the set with Grey Street. Tony actually called this. I wasn't too happy, I'm so tired of this song, and it sucks as an opener. Then played When The World Ends. I wanted to walk out. I'm so sick of this song. Then Crash. Hmmm...I was split on this. Nice song, but I'm also tired of it and its too slow. The first 3 songs were a huge downer to open with. Then their new song Hello Again. I love it, very cool stuff, and it revived the crowd. :) Then Rhyme and Reason. Good tune, and they played it very intensely, but again, I've heard it almost every show and was kinda tired of it. Then another new song Thing. First time I've seen it in person and it was really chill, so I enjoyed it. Then they played The Stone. Sweet! I love this song, and they did a nice version on it. :) Next was a new song, Sugar Will. Standard stuff and pretty cool. Then One Sweet World. Cool, can't complain too much I guess... Then Don't Drink The Water. Normally, I would've said I'm sick of this song too, but WOW...they played this thing INTENSELY. They blew the roof off Merriweather and it was the best DDTW I've ever seen. :D Followed this with Warehouse which was sweet as always. I love it and it looked like the show was about to get really good now. Then, for whatever whacked out reason, they followed Warehouse with I Did It. Ugh! I wanted to rip my ears off. Worst ever. So, finally that crap ended and I was ready to move on with a good song and then they play Where Are You Going. Ugh!!!! Now I'm mad. Two of the worst songs known to man played back to back. This was the low point of the show by far. Luckily they followed with their new song, Joy Ride, and that was decent. And then, thank goodness, the whipped out Lie In Our Graves!! I was stoked for this! My favorite song to play on the guitar and I'd only heard it at one show 2 years ago. They really jammed it out and it was shweeet!! Then they closed the set with the best Too Much I've ever heard. They just went nuts at the end of it and it was money! I'd say those two songs were the high point of the show for me. Then the encore they played What Would You Say...pretty standard version and then Rapunzel which was really cool to hear. Sounded a bit off, but the ending jam was right on. And that was it! :) Overall it was a decent show. I guess I got my hopes up too much for something crazy since they hadn't played Merriweather in 10 years, so I was rather dissapointed. For the most part I thought the setlist was real weak with a couple of nice jams in there. I'd have to rank it around 2nd to last of shows I've seen, only to Hershey 2002. Maybe some of it had to do with the seats. I had two seats kinda in the back, but they were dead center so we could see. But Tony got a single seat in the back, but far to the left so it was hard to see. But, we all wanted to be together, so I sucked it up and traded my nice seats with a couple next to Tony and I sat over with him and couldn't see much. But that's okay, we had fun. :)

After the show, we were able to run to our sweet parking place and then get out onto the Interstate in about 10 minutes. That was awesome! Then came back and crashed hard.

Now it's time to start packing for the weekend and then hit the road for Blacksburg. I guess the cat's outta the bag, so yeah, I'm BBurg bound...again. t00t.

The DMB song for the day, Nancies, kinda describes my current mindframe still. I'm still kinda questioning my purpose and who I am, but at the same time saying "What's the use in worrying?" and reminding myself that "Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes But I'll work it out." :)

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