Saturday, July 03, 2004

God is good (part 2)

Well today was downright awesome really. Had lunch with all the peeps and that was real cool. Then cleaned the apartment up in the afternoon, which really needed to get done! Then after that I got to go driving around with Elizabeth for a while. We saw some really pretty places and it was a beautiful afternoon/evening out. :) And then came the main course of the weekend which really needed to get done. I finally was able to get the gonads up to formally "ask her out." What happened was unexpected. Well, essentially, she said no and that's the short answer. The long answer was in the almost two hour long conversation that ensued after that. We just laid everything on the line and it was incredible. I've never had such a real, honest, excellent conversation like that before. There was so much there and so much to get out and work with, there's no way I could attempt to write it all down on a blog in under like 40 pages. So, in summary, it's as follows. Intially, I was rather dissapointed. But after our talk and then after sitting on my porch for 2-3 hours tonight alone with my thoughts and talking to God, that dissapointment has turned into pure joy. What happened was perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Essentially what it comes down to is we both like each other, but are just not ready for a committed relationship. I thought I sorta was, but have realized that I really am not at all. We both need to get back to basics and just focus on a stronger relationship with God above all and then the rest will take care of itself if it is to be. And I feel an incredible peace about that now. I feel like all that high-school-kiddy "do you like me?" stuff is gone and past now. Now we can focus on what is real and what needs to be done and we don't have to linger on those stupid questions. I feel like our friendship has matured to an incredible level from where it was 12 hours ago and its awesome. And that's really what I needed and God provided. He knows exactly what He's doing and I should never question His work in my life. What happended today was just a blantantly obvious example of how real God is and how He really does care and provides what is best for us if we are willing to listen. God is good. That is all. :D

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