Tuesday, July 27, 2004

blogging in 1...2...3....

Mkay, looking back on yesterday, it went okay I suppose. Tried to get up at 5:15am and that wasn't functional, so I decided I'd work a normal day. So I set my alarm 3 hours later and worked a 9:15-5:45 day and it was nice. I caught the tail end of the morning rush hour, so it wasn't too bad going in and it wasn't too bad leaving either. During the day I got nothing accomplished of actual work-work, but I did get a ton of things done as far as everything else in my life. I got stuff squared away with my scholarship, govn't tuition assistance, work scheduling, school scheduling, paperwork, moving out stuff, moving in stuff, etc, etc. I kept real busy all day and the day went by so quick. Before I knew it I was off and hadn't written my speech yet like I intended too. So went home, celebrated my 100k milestone, had dinner, then sat down to write my speech. Didn't happen. I'm so screwed. I need to do it this morning and then somehow fly the performance tonight. Argh. :-/ So that was my day yesterday.

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Found out yesterday that two more people I know are quitting here in the next 3 weeks. This place is a sinking ship. You can start to feel the tension in the air as people are leaving and the remaining people are starting to ask questions and the peace in the ranks has been disturbed. I can't wait to get out. 6 more days...
In other thoughts, the last four days I've been so busy and have gone by so fast. My head is spinning and I've lost my peace in life and going insane again. I need time to sit down and relax and think again.

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