Thursday, July 01, 2004

ahhh all done :)

Today was pretty decent, if not entirely useless. Went to work and did nothing for four hours. Longest four hours of my life, lol. Then left for BBurg around 10:20 and got into town about 2:40, so I made decent time. It was a fun drive. :) Then me and Curt and Matt Morgan went over and played golf at the VT course. We started at a bit before 4 and then ended at about 9. It was the longest round EVER. I'm so tired! I actually played fairly decently, I shot an 82. I can't believe I survived through 18 holes though. I was dead after only 9, haha. But it was a lot of fun as always. Came back here and had a quality broke-college-student dinner consisting of beefaroni, popcorn, and water. hehe. I should buy butter so I can make something I guess. I watched a couple episodes from my new Dilbert DVDs and that was funny. :) And that was my day. Kinda blah, but not too bad. Just feels good to be away again. And no deep thoughts today, I've been resting my head. 8D

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