Thursday, July 15, 2004

8H (toothy with large eyeballs)

And one again for good measure- 8H Wow, I'm in possibly the best mood ever today. I'm scaring myself. Why am I not massive depressive?!!?! I can't be happy! lol. :) :) :) Well, let's try and recap the day if I can. It's gonna be tough to sit here and do, I'm so squirmy right now, haha. Well, woke up a a bit after 9 this morning, surfed the web and wrote a long blog below. Then I packed up my stuff and left for BBurg around 10:45. The ride down rocked! The weather today I think was the best weather in the history of mankind. I seriously cannot think of how it could've improved. It was PERFECT, and I mean PERFECT. So wow, yeah, the ride down was gorgeous. I spent the first couple hours just having some cool thoughts and praying over a lot of things and that really fixed my heart up nice. It had been torn up and loose pieces kinda hanging out everywhere, but I did a nice patch job. :) Or, I should say, God did a nice patch job. :) :) Now if I could only make it permanent. So that was cool and I was feeling great and enjoying the nature and just pumped some toonage and rolled the next 2 1/2 hours just feeling great about life. Got into town around 3:15 and just couldn't believe how beautiful it was outside. So I dropped some stuff off then ran back out to the golf course. :D Now this was totally cool. I got up onto the teebox and wanted to play really fast in case I had something to do tonight, so I wanted to play alone and stuff. But there was this kid up there by himself waiting also. So my thought process was like, "I REALLY don't want to play with anybody, but he's there and I could play with him, but no I can' would be to awkward not knowing him...nope, I'm playing alone." But he kept looking at me and then for some absurd, unknown reason my brain farted and I blurted out something like, "hey, you want to play with me?" And he was like, "yeah, sweet man." and he came on over. So this guy's name was Ken and he looked a lot like my buddy Ken Diaz which was funny. He's an International Student from Thailand and going to be in grad school starting this fall. At first he wasn't real talkative, but once I had introduced myself and stuff I went into a whole new mindset. My thought process was all about, "show love for others" and I kept thinking that and just asking him all sorts of questions and stuff and being extremely friendly. I've never really done that much before, it was weird. But it felt awesome. Pretty soon we were talking just like old buddies about all sorts of cool stuff. So went went on and played a whole 18 holes together from 4-8pm and it was a lot of fun. He was a pretty good player and really matched my skill level completely, and he was fun to play with. So at the end we talked and exchanged email addresses and stuff and I've found myself a new golf buddy!! :-DD I'm so happy. Now that Sean's gone, I didn't have anyone to play with, but now I do, and he's real cool. So that was awesome! It's so weird how I find friends. I normally don't get to know people much, but the few people in history that I have made large efforts to get to know out of the blue have become some of my closest buddies. So I guess God has His ways and helps me to pick the select few that will be good in my life. :) Anyhow, as far as the golf, the front 9, I played semi-decent. Shot a 43. Then the back 9 I played TERRIBLE. Possibly the worst I've played in forever. Shot a 46. So, overall 89, very disspointing. The cool thing though, even though I didn't play well, I had so much fun just getting to know Ken. I could've cared less about the golf. Plus the weather, again, was phenominal. I just can't get over how nice it was. :) Oh, and then on hole 18, I hit a nice drive, then stuck a 3-wood about 20 feet to the left of the pin, so I had a straight eagle putt. I was so nervous since I've never had an eagle before. So I hit the putt and it went a little to fast, but went right into the hole, hit the back part of the whole, and then rimmed out!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I almost fell down sobbing, I couldn't believe it! I was SO close, it was in the hole, then came out! :-( Oh well, I had a once-incher for birdie. :) Then after golf I came back and took care of Internet business. Then I got 2 pizzas from Dominos. I thought about this weekend. I don't feel like cooking, I don't have anything to cook, and I don't have money to eat out every meal. So if I buy two large pizzas, that's breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole weekend! :-P So I got those, then went over to Sol's for a bit. We chilled and then played a game of Stratego. I played great and I actually had Sol beat. I had all my big pieces left and he had nothing but low pieces, so he was essentially checkmated. So I was gloating and he just about gave up and then I made the most stupid move I've ever made in my life and handed him the game on a silver platter. I was utterly dumbfounded...he had a 0.000001% chance of winning that game, and he won! I still don't believe it, and all because I'm half-retarded. :-/ Oh well, it was fun anyways, and I learned (again) another important life lesson. Don't be proud! Even if it was just a game, I was being all proud and stuff and then out of nowhere he still beat me. :) But that capped off my day in a good way and I'm just feeling awesome right now. I had so much fun today and it was so nice out and life rules. :) :) :) I've chosen the DMB song Stay to describe today, not so much because the lyrics mean much to me specifically, but more because it's like the happiest song they have and just makes me feel happy and I am happy. 8H

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