Wednesday, June 30, 2004

so close I can smell it!

mmm, the week is almost over! :) Work was rather pointless again today. As you can see in the previous post, I spent the first half of my day first trying to learn how to customize my blog and then writing the code and manipulating some pictures and stuff in order to customize it. I think it turned out pretty cool and I'm quite happy with it! :-P Then, I started feeling quilty for not doing anything so I talked to my coding supervisor and she was like, "well I have some stuff that I think needs to be done, but John's gone for two weeks and I don't know exactly what to do, but he does." And then she wanted to give me some Explorer stuff to work on, which would've been sweet, but I don't hae a classified PC to work on, so that didn't work. So basically I have nothing to do. So, I took another long lunch and then surfed the web bored to tears. Ugh. Maybe tommorow I'll fix up some other sections of my website, lol. After work, I went and got my yellow-carrot-top shaved off finally. My barber wasn't there, so I had a new lady do it. She did ok, but just about completely shaved my sideburns off, so I wasn't too thrilled with that. :-/ Oh well. Then I came back here and finished tweaking my blog by makind some little pictures and stuff to detail it. Couldn't do this at work since we don't have any good image editors. So that took a bit of doing and then Liz emailed me right as I was getting off, and we ended up email convoing for way too long. But it was enjoyable and I had nothing else to do really. :-) After that I had dinner, then played guitar for an hour or so and just mellowed out to that. And now I've got to start packing for the weekend. w00t!!

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