Tuesday, June 15, 2004

a quick recap of life

Today was ok, not too much. Work came and went. I got a few things done, overall not bad. After work I finally got my speech presentation critique done! It was so cool watching my speech on videotape, it turned out A LOT better than I had thought. :) Not too shabby. After I did my critique I had some free time and I started on a little freewriting of my own that I've been wanting to do. It's kind of a memoir of sorts. :-D So I wrote for about an hour then went off to speech class. I got my score back and got a C+ on my speech which I'm actually quite pleased with, so that rocked! The rest of the class was quite boring. Just listened to other people's speeches and then went over a couple chapters. Snoooozzeee.... Finally got back here to blog and now about to get to sleep, because I am mentally, physically and very emotionally exhausted right now. Ugh.

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