Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Yep, today was a snoozer. At work, I got completely done with my project in about two hours and then had nothing left to do. So I spent like 5 hours tring not to go insane, just surfing the web and reading misc IM convos on bash.org for entertainment. Took like a two hour lunch break also. LOL. It was bad, I was SO bored! And boredum for me leads to being tired, so I came home and passed out for a bit. Then got up in time to go to class and give my speech on internet security. I think I bored everyone. :( Actually it went pretty well. :) Then class dragged on and finally ended, and here I am. Oh, and also just had a serious talk with my mom and decided that in fact I will take Solomon's cat Shadow next year. So, I'm real excited about that, she should be fun! :)

Deep Thoughts on the Day:

Mkay, some interestesting things happened tonight to me. First of all, after my speech, we were outside on our little break time and I was talking with some guy who sits with me and we've kinda made friends. He was like, "man, how old are you?" I was like, "um, 21." And he says, "REALLY?! I was thinking you were like older." And then half-jokingly, he was like, "shoot, you should just act your age man." That kinda hit me funky and has been twisting in my brain since then. I've had other people tell me I act too old and mature or am too boring and other stuff, but it's been awhile. So this kinda got that rolling in my head again. Maybe I am acting too old? Just blogging about thoughts like this seems to be way too mature for my age. Maybe I should just chill out and be. Stop thinking and worrying about life and just let it come to me and have fun. I dunno. The problem with that is, its not me. I naturally have always been uber-mature compared to others my age throughout life and I just like to think about life. But its times like these that part of me just wants to go act stupid and party and not care. Just be 21 and not 30. Ugh. I dunno. :-/ On a better note, we got back our student comment evaluations about my speech and in girl's handwriting somebody had wrote, "i love looking at your beautiful eyes." *blush* hahaah. So, I was like, WHOA, that was unexpected. Of course, now I'm all like paranoid looking around the classroom and stuff. 8-P

Second thought actually concerns a girl. (might be the eye girl) There's this girl in my class who tends to like to talk to me on breaks and stuff. She's kinda nice, but really weird and I always thought she was a few bricks short. But, it always seems like she's coming on to me, lol. Anyhow, so today we were talking on a break and she's like, "dude, I'm the biggest pothead you'll ever meet." Like out of the blue. Of course, I'm like, "uh, excuse me?" And she goes into how she loves to smoke weed. Ok, that aside, that's unimportant, really. The important part is, the moment she said that, my brain was like, WARNING WARNING WARNING BADDD!!!, and I lost like all respect or anything for her. And then she was like, "well I hope since I told you that, you haven't judged me and think anything less of me as a person. I HATE people like that!" That really hit me hard, because that's EXACTLY what I had done to her. But I shouldn't have. It's not good to judge. She's the exact same person I knew before and yet I had lowered her in my mind to nothing just because she smoked pot. So, the moral is, that was kind of a learning and eye opening experience for me to not judge people and belittle them just because they don't do what I think they should be doing.

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Arson said...

There's nothing wrong with not acting your age. As long as you can still have fun and enjoy yourself. And when you act way older than you are, it's all the more fun to go nuts sometimes, take everyone by storm!