Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Ok, today rocked all my socks at once!! To recap: started the day off by playing a round of golf with Sean at VT at 7:45am. I started off terribly, but then got back in my groove. Made a couple birdies to salvage the strokes I lost on the first couple holes and shot a 40-37 for an overall 77, my second best round ever, second only to my round of 76 on Monday. Granted, this time the pins were up since the greens are being seeded, so the course played really short, but still. I felt great! So then I had lunch, then went to my LAST CHEMISTRY CLASS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Oh man, I can't stop saying that! Then I came back here and started some studying for the Chem final. Then I went off to the LAST ECE CLASS EVER, and subsequently the LAST CLASS OF THE SEMESTER!!!!!! Wow, I thought this year would NEVER end! I feel so awesome that classes are done. Now just to get through these five exams! So, that was that. Then I had dinner then went off to the last Awana of the year. Tonight was the award ceremony which was really cool. All the kids went up on stage and got stuff and were cute to watch. Then we played football for a little bit which was fun. Then I got to talk to Elizabeth for a little bit which was awesome as always. She actually seemed interested about hanging out in the next few days so that was suprising and I'm pretty stoked. Then, the evening was just GORGEOUS. The temperature, sunset, breeze, stars, just everything was perfect. So, I went out with Chance for about an hour walk and just let all of God's glorious nature sink in and spent some time talking to Him. It was very envigorating to my soul. I need to start taking walks for often, I forget how awesome the evenings down here can be. Yet another reason why this area is so much better than Nova. Speaking of which, the thought of the day and recurring thought of recently has been thinking about my future down here. I've pretty much decided that I really don't want to live in the D.C. area when I graduate. Where I want to go, I don't really know. But recently, different people have been telling me about job stuff in Roanoke area and even in Blacksburg. I've heard that theres really cool jobs to be had in the Corporate Research Center. Then in Awana tonight, Mrs. Austin was encouraging me to live down here. So, who knows, haha. Just a fleeting thought for now. Got a couple years to get myself together yet. I'm VERY tempted to stay down here next summer and find a different internship or something. I think that would be a nice break and a nice way to kick off senior year. So, maybe that will pan out. Not too sure, though. Ok, enough blabber, I think I'll do a little more exam prep for Chem and then go to bed early so I can hit the links in the morning! :-)