Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Ah, so today went pretty well. Work was interesting. I started teaching Charles how to get into the code and mess around and we solved his first bug together so that was nice. It should be easy just giving all my work to him to do and just boss him around, lol. j/k So that was pretty much my whole day at work. Came home and read a couple chapters of Prophet and the plot thickened! :-) Then it was off to class at NOVA. Since I missed it last week I was real nervous going in there today. But luckily the teacher was real nice and understood what was up and I didn't miss a whole lot of material. So that was a blessing. The class was a ton of fun too. I didn't learn a thing but I had a great time! She does all these types of activities where we have to get up and tell stories or do some acting or a speech on something, or whatever. At first I was so nervous because I used to be all shy doing those things. But then I started having fun with it and not caring. I'd just get up there and be stupid and be myself and get the class to work off of what I was doing and feed off their energy and it was awesome! I loved it! I'm thinking maybe I should be an actor now, hahaha! Who would've thought 3 years ago that I'd say something like that! I just had so much fun getting reactions from the class. It's a rush almost and gives you adrenaline to keep going. Granted it's only 30 people but still its a start! I'm Hollywood bound, baby! 8D So that class lasted 3 1/2 hours but didn't feel like it cause it was fun. Then I got back and did this and now I'm going to bed!
Quick deep thought of the day:
I've come to realize that the only reason I remotely enjoy going to work anymore is just getting excited about quitting and going somewhere else. As Metallica would say, it's sad but true. :-/
Bad news of the day:
Found out that my former baseball coach and "boss" when I did newspapers, Tim Long, just died. He was only 36 and had just gotten married. It was really really sad because he was just a great guy and well-liked and well-known by so many people. He's one of those people where when you think back on him you just can't think a negative thought. It's such a shame and he'll be missed greatly by so many. :-(

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