Friday, May 07, 2004

Baby I was born to run!

Ah, yes, some classic Bruce Springsteen playing! :-P Well, word for today: sucked. Big time. Got up real early and studied New Testament stuff for about 3 hours or so. Then I had a brief lunch, then studied for my DiffEQ final at 7pm for about 5 or 6 hours. I was feeling really great about it but then all hell broke loose when I went to take it. Basically the entire exam was second-order equations which fry my brain. There was only ONE question that had anything to do with matrices. I rocked the matrix stuff and knew all of it EXCEPT for one section. The one section was not on our test and it was gone over very briefly in the last class of the year. So, I looked at the exams for the past 6 semesters of this course and didn't see any problems that incorporated this stuff. So, instead of agonizing over trying to teach myself how to do repeated roots of matrix diffEQs, I decided to call their bluff based on those facts. And OF COURSE because I suck at life and I have NO LUCK the ONE matrix question is the one I don't know how to do. So, I guessed on that one, brainfarted on another one and took an educated guess, then brainfarted on an easy one and I'm pretty sure I got it wrong, because I came home and did it in like two seconds. I'm so pissed. There were 11 questions, multiple-choice common-time (which is highly gay for at work-intensive math course...don't get me started with that) and it's 20% of the grade. So, essentially, every quesiton is worth 1.8% on your grade for the year. I probably missed at least those 3, so I'm already down to a max of 94.6 for the year, and I sure as heck ain't reaching that because of that stupid friggin 66 I got on the first test. I shouldn't be upset, because I'm guarenteed a B in the course. I was REALLY REALLY wanting an A though because I've worked my balls off all year and know this stuff. Humbug. :-/ So, I've been feeling dreary since then and lost all motivation to study for my two exams tommorow. Screw it, I'm happy with doing subpar on them and just getting a B and a C in those classes. Whatever. Life does not revolve around stupid exams. I'm thinking of quitting life and taking all my savings and buying a farm and a dog. That would be so chill and non-stressful. I bet farmers are happy people. CS people are not happy people. Either that or I could be a trucker. I've heard they are happy people and very intellectual. Get lots of good thinks about life while on the road and it's pretty chill. Bah, whatever, I feel like a studded wrecking ball is about to rip its way out of my skull. I'm going to bed and sulking. :-(