Sunday, April 25, 2004

This weekend.

So, yeah, needless to say, this weekend rocked. Let's recap starting with Thursday.

Had class and stuff all morning as usual. Snooze. Then at 12:20 I got out and went to do my ECE project demo. I wanted to play golf before my 3pm class, so I didn't have much time. The demo took friggin FOREVER. The whole time I was so anxious to get out of there. Finally, I got done around 1 and drove over to the course. I finally got up to the tee around 1:20. There was NO way I would be able to play 9 holes and still make it to class I thought. Little did I know. 75 minutes later (a new record I believe) I was done with 9 holes (shot 41) and was off to my 3pm Chem recitation. It was awesome, I've never played that fast!! So, I slept through Chem and then decided to go back at 4 and play another 9 holes! This time I got paired up with 3 other crackhead frat bros who sucked monkey balls at golf. That and the course was PACKED by that time. So, the second 9 took 2 1/2 hours to play. :-( I did shoot another 41 though, so 82 alltogher, I was happy. So, I ended up getting home about quarter of 7. I had really intended on going to IV Bible Study for the first time in weeks, and was about to, but then Jesse called me and like 6 people were constanting IMing me, so the next thing I knew it was like 7:40 and I was starving, so that kinda sucked. So, I ate and then screwed around, and since I had nothing to do, went to bed around 9:30ish. :-) Later, as has been the norm here, I was awaken by drunk idiots screaming bloody murder outside my window around 1:30am. So I couldn't sleep, but luckily was able to email Draeco a few times before she went to bed. I later passed out at an uknown hour.

Ah, what a great day. So, yeah, I worked my butt off all week and got EVERYTHING done so that I could have this entire weekend FREE! So, I woke up a little late Friday, and continued to feel like crap from my spring allergies. At 10am I went to the VT doctor and got an Allegra prescription finally. So, I took it over to CVS to get hooked. So, I go the counter and the old guy is like, "That'll be $76". I'm And then, he went off into some spiel about my insurance changing, and instead of having a $10 co-pay like last year, my copay this year is $76 and the insurance only covers 49 cents. So that was gay and I was heated, so I just left. Then I called my mom, and she took it up with the insurcance company only to find that indeed, our insurance is dicked up and we have a $100 deductable to pay on anything before they cover stuff. So that sucks, and I need to go shell out a bunch for Allegra so I can stop dying. This was the bad part of the weekend. Now on to the good.
So, I go home about 11am. My mom had told me the previous night that The Warehouse, the Dave Matthews Band Fan Club, which I belong to had called for me the previous night. So, I called them back and talked to this nice girl, Nicole. Here's our convo (briefly):

Nicole: "Hi this is Nicole from the Warehouse DMB fan club, how are you?"
Me: "Pretty good, thanks."
Nicole: "Are you still planning on going to the show at Nissan on July 11?"
Me: "Yep, pretty sure I am."
Nicole: "Ok good, because this year we are doing random upgrades by phone and we want to put you in the front row at Nissan!"
Nicole: "Dead serious, I assure you this is real."
Me: "You're not serious?"
Nicole: "I am."

Repeat those last 3 lines about 8 times, and then the convo was over. Lol. So, yeah, that was FRIGGIN AMAZING! I have now been upgraded to FRONT ROW CENTER tickets for Dave Matthews Band, July 11th at Nissan Pavilion!!!! My life is complete, I shall now die happy! Hahah!
So, as you can imagine I was riding high all day...actually all weekend for that matter. So, that was done, then I went out to Townside to get Steve #3 to sign off on the lease for our Oak Manor place next year. I can't wait, it's going to be sweet! Then, next on the list, I met up around 2:15 with Curt and Jesse at the VT Golf Course to play a round. The first couple holes were really windy as a storm was coming in, and then it briefly rained a little. After about 6 holes though, it cleared up, cooled off, and was absolutley GORGEOUS!! The whole round was great! It was the most fun I've had playing golf in a long time. It was just great hanging with Curt and Jesse and talking and laughing and just not being so serious about my game. Great times! One of the highlights: We are putting on the par-3 number 12 right next to Sorostitute Row. I'm kinda bending over looking at my putt, and I hear this chick saying "one...two...three...", I turn around, and theres this Explorer with like 6 (possibly hot) sorority girls inside, and then they all scream at once, "YOU'RE SO HOT!!!". I quickly hollered back "OH YES I AM!!" before they started laughing and drove off. Then me and Curt had a long-standing debate over which one of us they were yelling at, after which we questioned our rationale behind staying on the course and playing vs. chasing after the Explorer. hehehe. :-p
So golf was a ton of fun, and the night was so awesome that we decided we HAD to grill-out. So, Jesse and Curt and Steve#1 came over to my place and we fired up the Weber. We had some really good Cheddarwurst sausages, I made some BBQ-drenched hamburgers which were good, some corn, some hot-dogs, and some AWESOME chicken that Curt dressed up real nice for me. :-) Then we kicked back with tons of meat and the heavenly nectar of delight, Honey Brown. =p Then we chilled out and I played Jesse at Madden. I beat him bad all game, then he made a late run and intercepted the ball with like a minute left and ran it back for a TD to win. I was heated... Other highlights of the night included Chance macking his new girlfriend, LaLa. This dude, (I refer to him as Snoop-Dog) below us, bought this VERY cute female German Shepard 2 weeks ago. She is so playful and cute, and Chance has a HUGE crush on her. Anyhow, she got out and I just had the door open all evening, so the two of them ended up playing all around outside and coming into my place and playing together. It was so adorable!! So, that was basically my Friday, it was a great time!

Woke up about 9:30am and felt like complete arse, and had nothing to do so went back to bed. Sean ended up coming up into my room at about 12:45pm and waking me up cause he wanted to play golf. I didn't want to get up and felt like blah. Finally, he talked me into it, so we tried to figure out somewhere new to play. We finally decided on this course called Hanging Rock in Salem, VA. So, we went up there at about 4pm (to get the discount) and teed off. The course was INCREDIBLE! It was so beautiful, I absolutely loved it! Plus, it was quite challenging! It was so great. We both played horribly, but it was fun. I've also decided on my future now. The place was so nice, I'm going to get a job in Roanoke, buy a house on the course in Salem, get a membership, and golf all the friggin time. I actually looked up the houses, and they're only about $250k-$300k on the course. I couldn't even get a 2 bedroom condo in NOVA for that cheap!! So, yeah, who knows, I'm only half-joking here...
So, we got back from golf a little before 9pm. Then, Steve#1 came over to my place and we got Domino's Pizza and watched Kill Bill Vol 1. I've never seen it, but figured I should before going to see Vol. 2 next week. It was pretty good and chillin with Steve is always nice. So, that was a fun Saturday.

Sorta a typical Sunday. I went to sunday-school and church. The pastor's family, the Baker's, had their semester get-together with all the church students, so I went to that. It was a lot of fun. We had some good food and played some soccer and football and such. It was cool talking to some people I hadn't seen in a bit. Didn't really meet many new people. I should've, but I suck at introducing myself. :-/ But it was fun. Most people left, but I stayed and watched the Cubs game with Matt, Mrs. Baker, and Jesse until like almost 5. Matt Clement almost threw a no-hitter which was awesome to watch! So, then I came back here, slacked off by playing Tiger Woods 2004 for awhile, and then spent way too long setting up this blogger and writing this post!

Well, that's all! I'm off to bed now!